Membership Information

  2. The following persons are eligible for membership in Citation Jet Pilots:

    1. An “Owner Member” which is any person(s) or entity that owns or co-owns a Citation Jet aircraft as evidenced by the serial number issued by the manufacturer. Commercial entities shall designate a single representative who will act upon their behalf. Multiple owners of the same aircraft shall do the same.
    2. A “Non-Owner Member” is any other person(s) or entity.
  3. MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION: All applicants must submit a membership application. To begin click on "Join CJP" below.
  4. MEMBERSHIP TERM: Membership is valid for one year from the start date and must be renewed on an annual basis.
  6. Annual CJP membership dues for Owner Members and Non-Owner Members are $500. This is subject to change at any time. Special membership arrangements are available for corporate sponsors. Please contact us for more information or click here for a list of our current corporate sponsors.

  7. DESIGNEES: An Owner Member with a current subscription to CJP may:
    1. Designate one companion who lives in the same household to have website access.
    2. Designate one professional pilot who regularly flies the Owner Member's aircraft to have website access.
  8. VOTING AND RUNNING FOR OFFICE: All Owner Members may vote in elections, but only Owner Members who are pilots and who are typed in a Cessna Citation aircraft may run for elected office. The CJP Board of Directors will establish election rules and schedule.
  9. WEBSITE ACCESS: Subject to site rules and restrictions, website access is available to all Citation Jet Pilots members in good standing.
    2. Only owners of Citation aircraft may have access to the Owners Forum.

    3. Textron Aviation TM FORUM
    4. Only owners of Citation aircraft and employees of Textron Aviation TM Aircraft Corporation may have access to the Textron Aviation TM forum.

  10. USE OF INFORMATION: Personal data on the site is provided strictly for the use of members. By entering your personal data you consent to allow it to be stored on the site and used by other members. No user may use such data for any commercial purpose.

If you believe that you are qualified for access to Citation Jet Pilots, please click on "Join CJP" below and let us know what type of membership you are requesting (and why you qualify) in the "About Me" box on the registration form. Please enter the registration and serial number of the primary Citation that you own or fly on the registration form.