CJP Members Give Wing to Those in Need


by Dianne White

When CJP members Howard and Gail Tobin began flying missions for Veterans Airlift Command, they loved the idea of giving back and helping a wounded veteran with much-needed transportation. However, they had no idea the depth such missions would touch their heart.

After learning about the organization at a CJP meeting in 2012, the Tobins signed up as volunteer pilots and soon were flying missions. They were inspired by the great obstacles to recovery these soldiers faced, and were humbled by their stories of service.

“That led to our conviction that CJP should be more involved with charitable activities. This feeling was strongly endorsed by the Board that resulted in formation of Charitable Activities Committee,” Howard said. “This feeling was strongly endorsed by the Board and that resulted in formation of Charitable Activities Committee.”

Since then the committee has met several times leading to formation of a section on the web site discussion groups related to charitable flights. There are three orgs now represented: VAC, Angel Flight West and Life Line Pilots.

“We know that many of our members are involved with charitable flights but we are not getting enough feedback. We want to know what our members are doing and for what organizations they are flying,” added Howard.

The CJP Board is strongly committed to increasing the organization’s charitable activities, and has backed that up with a major donation to VAC. Tobin suggested that CJP serve as a major sponsor of the VAC annual fundraiser in San Diego. Immediately, members of the Board individually contributed $10,000.

At the CJP Convention will feature presentations from current participating organizations: VAC, AngelFlight West and Life Line Pilots. This will give members who would like to help more information on how to get involved.

“While I am individually committed to VAC for personal reasons, I realize that this is only one of many volunteer organizations that could use support,” said Howard. “This is just the beginning. As we continue to grow, our emphasis on charitable activities will also grow.”