CEO Message

CJP2016-Andrew Broom-LinkedIn-0916by Andrew Broom

We are ramping up for the 2020 CJP Virtual Convention and have an exciting lineup as Tom mentioned in the Chairman’s update. This includes a virtual exhibit hall where you can learn about our participating partners and their products, and contact their representatives with questions or schedule meetings. All convention content will be available to registered attendees on demand shortly after the live event on October 22-23.

We are also conducting the annual CJP auction online with sought after items from Textron Aviation, FlightSafety Textron Aviation Training, Collins Aerospace, Tamarack Aerospace Group, SIMCOM, Flight Research, Sean Tucker, Jessica Ambats, and more. Directions on how to participate, along with detailed listings, will be sent soon. All auction proceeds help CJP deliver its mission and best-in-class activities.

In addition, CJP is pleased to announce a new member benefit from SIMCOM as well as a new patron partner, Aircraft Performance Group. You can find more information on both announcements below. (For a full list of member benefits, click here. All CJP partners are listed here).

We are all looking forward to meeting in person again and will announce our plan for 2021 meetings during the virtual convention.

simcomNew Member Benefit – SIMCOM

Initial and Recurrent Training in the Mustang and CJ.

  • SIMCOM is offering CJP members a 5% discount off our best rate for initial and recurrent training for the Citation Mustang at our Scottsdale, AZ training Center or CJ at our Orlando, FL training center. Simply mention you are a CJP member at the time of booking and, upon confirmation of active membership, we will apply a 5% discount to your course.
  • For details or to schedule your training, please contact Marcia Birmingham –

Pinch Hitter Course.

  • SIMCOM is offering 50% off our Pinch Hitter course for any CJP member who signs up for a recurrent course and would like to bring a non-pilot companion. Sign up for your Mustang or CJ Recurrent course, mention you are an active member, and receive a 50% discount on our Pinch Hitter course for a non-pilot companion to be attended in conjunction with your recurrent course.
  • For details or to schedule your training, please contact Marcia Birmingham –

apgNew Partner – Aircraft Performance Group (APG)


With a shared passion for business aviation, APG’s leadership team possesses extensive experience in aviation software. Responsible for the support of over 350 unique aircraft types worldwide, the team maintains an unwavering commitment to the safety and quality of APG’s services.

Why We’re Experts

For nearly 20 years, Aircraft Performance Group (APG) has been a leading flight operations engineering firm and provider of aircraft performance data services. We were, in fact, one of the first companies in the world to provide runway analysis for business and corporate aircraft. With our high-tech platforms and innovative mobile solutions, including runway analysis, weight and balance, and dispatch systems, we continue to revolutionize corporate and airline flight operations support services.

APG employees come from a variety of aviation and IT backgrounds, including pilots, aerospace engineers, dispatchers, and software engineers. We have experience in:

  • Aircraft performance engineering
  • Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) data development
  • Aircraft Flight Manual interpretation
  • Avionics systems engineering and integration
  • Air traffic management
  • Customer support
  • Flight crew training and procedures
  • Programming
  • Software engineering
  • Aircraft/flight operations
  • Program management
  • Flight planning
  • Weight and balance

APG supports over 200 aircraft types from 32 manufacturers. We have created approximately 2,400 engine-out departure procedures (EOPs) using a database of over 8,500 airports. We are knowledgeable about requirements from regulatory authorities such as the FAA, EASA, and others from around the world. We offer solutions that provide fast, accessible, and accurate data that improves flight safety, prevents errors, and maximizes aircraft payloads.

Areas of Expertise

Runway Analysis – Runway analysis provides the limiting weights from a series of calculations used to determine the maximum takeoff and landing weights for a given aircraft. The calculations utilize the manufacturer’s approved Airplane Flight Manual (AFM) data in conjunction with obstacle/terrain data, regulatory requirements, runway characteristics, and environmental conditions.

Weight and Balance – Weight and balance is the determination of the weight of the aircraft and whether that weight is within center of gravity limits (the CG envelope). We integrate runway analysis information with our weight and balance calculations so that users can more easily determine their useful loads while staying within the aircraft’s CG limits.

Engine-Out Departure Procedures – APG develops custom engine-out departure procedures (EOPs) for runways where takeoff weights are reduced due to obstacle limits. These procedures are developed to increase maximum allowable takeoff weight, while remaining safe and compliant with operating regulations.