CJP Regional Recap: Alpine, Wyoming

by Cheryl Hardy

Scenic Star Valley, near Jackson Hole, was the stunning location for our August Regional event. Steven Funk, developer of the beautiful fly-in community called Refuge Air Ranch, was our host for this event along with Lance Mortensen of the Double L Ranch.

20180818_191921CJP members enjoyed archery, trap shooting, fly fishing casting, practiced bull roping as well as airplane rides provided by Stu Horn, president of Aviat Aircraft (a new CJP Platinum partner), in his beautiful Husky aircraft. Attendees also embarked on helicopter tours of the valley and white-water rafting in the Snake River, where they encountered rapids such as the Lunch Counter and The Big Kahuna.JOE-1230PM-AUG18-LC (5)

20180817_205517Steven hosted the group at his hangar on Friday evening with great food, entertainment and a surprise delivery of Dave Lenz’s beautiful new Husky. We all had a great time looking over Dave’s new aircraft and wishing him luck with his new bird.

Several CJP members currently have homes within Steve’s air ranch including Joe and Annie Fisher. We would like to thank Joe and Annie for flying in their beautifully restored T-6 for all of us to enjoy.

20180818_192929On Saturday evening, we gathered at the Double L Ranch where we had another great meal, entertainment, a presentation from Lance and fly fishing on the river behind the Double L Saloon. We also had the opportunity to present some special auction items sponsored by Aviat. Stu provided a great presentation on his “Backcountry Flying Experiences” with such detail that you could envision yourself there. We had several takers of the packages and they are sure to be special experiences for those CJP members.

We look forward to our next gathering where we can again enjoy good CJP fellowship and camaraderie.