By Rob Finfrock

CJP-Anna Robinson-Instructing-092016Anna Robinson, one of four recipients of Bob Hoover Presidential Scholarships presented in 2015 by CJP and the Bob Hoover Legacy Foundation, recently shared some very exciting news: she is now a certified flight instructor-instrument with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s flight training program in Daytona Beach, FL.

“I received my CFI in March, and my double-‘I’ in July,” she explained. “I was hired into the flight training program right after that.”

So far, Robinson has provided instruction to ‘about eight’ ERAU students through the summer, including a few dual cross-country flights. “Mostly, I’ve filled in for other instructors so far,” she added. “Once the Fall semester begins, I’ll primarily instruct freshmen instrument students on the night shift, which works out really well for those students, and for my schedule.”

Flight training milestones at ERAU are structured around lesson numbers – Lesson #29 of the private pilot curriculum is first solo, for example – that must be performed around both the student’s and instructor’s own studies. Each instructor has a maximum 12-hour duty day, only eight of which can be actual flight time, six days per week.

“It’s a lot of adjustment for me, and my students,” Robinson added. “It’s also a bit surreal, knowing that I’ve been hired to teach others to fly, but it’s excellent training towards my number one goal of becoming a professional pilot.”

Robinson admits to being predisposed towards flying for a commercial airline like Delta, Alaska, or United – the latter, in particular, after her internship with the carrier last year. “I fell in love with it,” she added “The organization and scale of United’s operation really appeals to me, and it fits my style. I like having a schedule, and knowing where I’m expected to go.”

CJP-Golden Gate Bridge-Anna Robinson-0715

As Robinson builds flight time through instructing, she also plans to speak with the regional airlines that come to ERAU looking for pilot candidates. “Skywest’s Cadet program – what [inaugural CJP scholarship recipient] Yann Bosch is going through – is a really intriguing way to get your foot in the door.”

Above all, Robinson wanted to again thank CJP Members for their support throughout her path so far. “I want to extend my gratitude again, because the only reason I’ve been able to continue with my training has been thanks to CJP’s generosity and support,” she concluded. “It really has turned my life towards a better direction.”