By CJP President Russell Boyd

CJP-Russell Boyd-0116Over the past six months, the Board of Directors has also been hard at work on a new organizational plan to sustain and advance CJP to the next level in the coming years. The details consist largely of less than glamourous procedural grunt work… but the end result for our Membership will be anything but mundane. Our new executive director, Andrew Broom, is off to a great start leading the charge as we continue to sow seeds we trust will reap benefits for CJP members going forward.

Among the highlights is a refocused effort towards advocating on behalf of the CJP owner/pilot community. Our efforts are geared towards reinvigorating the old flying club esprit de ’corps. CJP seeks to identify your concerns and utilize our collaborative platform to address issues important to you as an owner/pilot. This endeavor has already yielded results, too – including working with CESCOM and Textron to provide more affordable maintenance tracking options for Citation owners, as Marc Dulude detailed back in May.

Other projects include ongoing work with our industry partners to secure more reasonable solutions to equip Citations with ADS-B (automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast). On the individual level, CJP has gone to bat to assist Members working through issues with service centers and parts providers. We stand ready to help you as well should the need arise.

There are other ways you’ll see our efforts pay off in the months ahead. That includes the brand new CJP website, scheduled for unveiling in the fourth quarter of 2016. Members should find the new site to be much faster and far more intuitive than the previous design.

The new website will also serve as a much stronger backbone for all of CJP’s initiatives ranging from those that Members see, from the Russ Meyer Citation Library and the online forums, to the association’s behind-the-scenes infrastructure and organizational systems. Marc Dulude, Jason Talley, John Hayes, Joe Rainey, and Allen Wolpert all deserve a word of gratitude for making this much-requested change a reality.

Of course, we have our most exciting news coming up next month: CJP in New Orleans! This year’s event promises to be even grander and more exciting than ever before. Our convention team has gone above and beyond to put together an unforgettable 2016 Convention.

We appreciate all our industry partners but special thanks are in order this year for Textron Aviation. As our Platinum Plus sponsor of the 2016 CJP Convention, they have stepped up to help us take things to the next level for our membership.

In addition to bringing back acclaimed chef Guy Fieri after his extremely well-received participation last year in Colorado Springs, Textron Aviation is also the sponsor for the Friday Night Hangar Party at KNEW that promises to be an event to remember. Also back by popular demand is an expanded Citation Jet Design Experience by Textron Aviation, offering Companions the unique opportunity to flex their creative muscles in designing new Citation interior and exterior treatments.

CJ4-Cessna Publicity Shot

This kind of manufacturer support is unprecedented, and speaks to the extremely positive, collaborative relationship that exists between Textron Aviation and CJP. Please join me in extending a sincere thank you to Textron and all our valued partners who make our convention and our flight experiences top notch.

Of course, any mention of CJP’s annual gathering must also include our thanks to Cheryl Hardy, Bill Alberts, and his son Bill Jr., for their creativity and expertise in organizing CJP’s annual gathering over the past few years. Their professionalism is second-to-none, and CJP Members benefit greatly from their handiwork every year.

As we look towards the Convention and beyond to 2017, I expect that CJP Members will continue to see their Association making huge strides in positive directions. We endeavor to deepen connections to our membership and advocate on their behalf. We look to enhance our relationships and value proposition with industry partners. We continue to strengthen the infrastructure of the organization.

I hope you will take advantage of all CJP has to offer in the coming year and most importantly, I hope you will join me and all your CJP friends who share the miracle of flight in New Orleans this fall. Y’all come!