Chairman’s Update

Randy Broiles 1Setting Sights on 2021: Interview with CJP Chairman Randy Broiles

  1. From your perspective, what made this year’s convention particularly special/successful? 

CJP’s first virtual annual convention was a big success for several reasons. When it was clear that we could not safely host a live event in Nashville, the CJP team quickly reached out to MMOPA’s Dianne White, who was planning a similar event to glean learnings. We focused on relevant, rich content and selected Divine Media out of Atlanta as our production company for execution.

The team planned the event carefully and paid relentless attention to detail throughout the execution. Andrew Broom, David Miller, Cheryl Hardy, Bill Alberts Jr., the Divine Media team and several of our willing OEM partners, particularly Textron Aviation, worked very hard to align and integrate a strong agenda.

  1. As we enter 2021, what are CJP’s top priorities and overarching goals?

Don’t expect major changes in 2021 other than continuous improvement on our four key CJP objectives. The work on these objectives is driven by very strong CJP committees.

  • We’ll continue to place our highest priority on improving owner member and CJP collective safety performance using opportunities for education, sharing experiences and building improved awareness of the risks associated with flying a sophisticated, high-performance airplane. Expect to hear more about FOQA (Flight Operational Quality Assurance) solutions aimed at minimizing the risk of runway excursions. We’re making progress using technology that will allow each pilot to better understand their specific approach and landing performance using real-time flight data.
  • Our next priority will be to continue to work closely with OEMs and service & aftermarket providers to address reliability, program effectiveness, technical improvements and, of course, costs.
  • We will position CJP to safely resume in-person events as soon as COVID risks allow. There’s tremendous value in face-to-face sharing and learning about operating Citations. Then, there’s the thrill and fun associated with reconnecting with old friends and making new ones at live CJP events.
  • Finally, we won’t forget the opportunity to provide help to others who have needs. We’ll continue to support aviation scholarships and volunteer flights that assist families, children, and vets who have special travel needs. And, there’s no shortage of opportunities to make a difference for airlift support initiatives driven by extreme weather events and civil emergencies.
  1. How has being a Citation owner affected/changed your life?

Having access to a Citation has expanded our family’s reach and life experiences together for several busy, bustling lives. In addition, it has provided safe, comfortable transportation during the COVID pandemic. And for me, flying our CJ2+ offers the most rewarding, professional flying that I’ve experienced…particularly with family or friends on board who are reading, working or napping comfortably through solid IFR weather.