CJP 2020 Virtual Convention: Full Recap

On October 22 and 23, utilizing a mixture of live-streaming technology and prerecorded presentations, CJP held its first-ever virtual convention. More than 450 registered attendees, partners and media outlets watched and participated from around the country. CJP CEO Andrew Broom and David Miller, Director of Programs and Safety Education, moderated the two-day event from a set within Textron Aviation’s headquarters in Wichita, Kansas.

IMG_3775When asked why it was still important to move forward with a convention event, Miller responded, “Without the virtual convention, we would have lost momentum for our safety efforts. Neil Singer and Charlie Precourt continued their push to share safety ideas that just might save someone’s life. And Textron’s Peter Basile’s presentation of the Earnhardt Latitude accident highlighted how data like FOQA (Flight Operations Quality Assurance) can play a role in improving safety.”

To make the best of a virtual format, CJP condensed all safety and operational programming into two days. Miller pointed to some of the top announcements and takeaways:

  • Garmin’s announcement to revitalize the cockpits of early model CJ’s with a new panel and digital autopilot will bring new life to hundreds of airplanes.
  • FSTAT’s companion program kick-off will focus on making our “right seaters” a much more productive partner in the cockpit. Although total pilot incapacitation is extremely rare, the help we can receive from our companion’s knowledge of the airplane happens every day.
  • Despite reduced flying due to COVID-19, CJP set an all-time record of more than 80 Gold Standard Safety awardees.

Continue reading for a full rundown of the event’s happenings.

Note: If you were unable to attend the convention live, this is your last chance to register and access all the material online. Click the link here to register.



Day One

Textron Aviation

Platinum Plus partner Textron Aviation spent much of the morning of day one presenting an assortment of prerecorded videos, interviews and presentations regarding their latest news from sales, customer support and parts and programs.

David Miller interviewed CEO Ron Draper on topics such as the company’s dealing with the pandemic, new product timelines and upcoming Citation updates. Draper commented that they are hiring more engineers to speed up software/hardware updates. He also provided the latest on the newly certified King Air 360, SkyCourier (entry into service expected next year) and Longitude (24 delivered in the first 12 months). Lastly, Miller asked Draper what the CJP organization can do to help the company.

“Private aviation flying is down from pre-COVID levels except for leisure travel – and new entrants are coming into private aviation. At some point, they might consider fractional or whole ownership, and CJP can help advocate for that as they come in. And keep giving us feedback. It’s important to us. We consider that feedback as we put together improvement plans.”

Additional takeaways from the Textron Aviation presentations included the strong piston/pre-owned market, new virtual spec sessions, and a “single sales doc” to streamline the billing and invoicing process.

Platinum Partner Updates

FlightSafety Textron Aviation Training

One of the day’s biggest announcements goes to the new companion course offered by FlightSafety Textron Aviation Training (FSTAT). Focused on enabling right seat passengers to land the aircraft in case of pilot incapacitation, the course consists of a four-hour ground school followed by a two-hour sim session. The course is available for multiple models (Mustang, CJ1, CJ2, CJ2+, CJ3, M2/CJ3+, CJ4) at FSTAT centers in Wichita and San Antonio (others to be added soon).

Andrew Broom and David Miller also caught up with FSTAT CEO Rich High – appointed in January of this year. The trio discussed Rich’s background (retired Navy pilot with 15 years at FlightSafety), future collaborations, as well as new FlightSafety app features.


Garmin International

Next, Andrew Broom sat down with Phil Straub of Garmin Aviation. The two spoke to the pandemic’s impact on the company’s various business segments and celebrated the company’s recent tech accomplishments (ex. Autoland). Upon discussing the strong CJP and Garmin partnership, Phil commented, “What I admire most about CJP is it is one the most technically astute groups of people. We will continue to complement your safety efforts and initiatives.”

Creighton Scarpone of Garmin then presented new operational capabilities for the M2/CJ3+ (ex. visual approach capability). He also officially announced the C525 GFC 600 retrofit program and AeroData Runway Analysis for the Mustang through CJ4 (accessible within fltplan.com).

Tamarack Aerospace

Emerging out of Chapter 11, Tamarack recently celebrated its 100th winglet installation and is focused on expansion. They’ve opened two new installation centers in Oxford, England and Aiken, South Carolina. The headquarters (Sandpoint, Idaho) has also grown with an added third hangar, triple the office space, and new announcements promised for next year. Company founder Nick Guida provided various tips and tricks focused on efficient Citation flying. Tamarack is offering CJP members a free eBook covering such topics, as well as a monthly newsletter.

Collins Aerospace

A video from Collins Aerospace presented an overall market outlook, an update on their STCs, and an up-close look at some of the features of the ProLine Fusion focused on pilot workload reduction. The company will continue to offer the annual credit for CJP members to use toward database services. In 2020, 93 members took advantage of the incentive. Collins is also pleased to support the safety and education foundation via computer-based member training.

Safety Standdown

Photo_2This year’s virtual format did nothing to hinder the insightful content found in CJP’s popular Safety Standdown. Led by Charle Precourt, David Miller and Neil Singer, the group presented new safety videos, covered in-depth accident analyses and refreshed audience members on CJP SOPs with a fun game of Jeopardy.

In addition, Peter Basile, air safety investigator with Textron Aviation, provided an in-depth look at last year’s Citation Latitude accident involving Dale Earnhardt Jr., including video footage, flight data and the final NTSB report. The accident offers numerous learnings for Citation pilots.

IMG_3780Other Safety Standdown content included an update on the FOQA initiative, insurance discussion, Garmin shortcuts with Neil Singer and recognition of the Gold Standard Safety Award. There were an outstanding 85 recipients this year, with 40 first-timers – an amazing testament to the dedication of CJP members, especially during the lower travel year.

Day Two

The second and final day of the CJP Virtual Convention opened with CJP’s annual meeting and 2021 outlook. Exiting Chairman Tom Abood provided an overview of the year, affirming CJP’s growth and strength despite the challenging environment.

While finances were certainly impacted by the pandemic, the organization holds more than sufficient cash reserves to support its operation and investments. This is thanks to the solid leadership and prudence exhibited by the management of previous years. CJP membership also continues its upward trajectory, with nearly 1,300 members as of September.

CJP then officially welcomed incoming Chairman Randy Broiles, an active CJP member/director. Broiles took the stage to discuss expectations for the upcoming year, emphasizing a continued focus on four key objectives:

  • Learning, safety and best practices
    • Data-driven safety & education activities, including FOQA, Gold Standard, etc.
  • Advocacy
    • Continue to address operational issues with partners.
    • Voice of customer input to partners.
  • Interaction
    • In-person 2021 convention, regional events, newsletters, member dinners, etc.
  • Philanthropy
    • Invest in the future of aviation through foundation initiatives.

Broiles also took time to honor the memory of Tracy Forest. Forest was the longest-serving CJP board member and was very involved with various charitable and youth-focused organizations.

Andrew Broom then walked through the 2020 “CEO Report.” Broom highlighted the records seen across memberships/partnerships and discussed the hopes and opportunities for next year. The collection of data to support the safety committee’s many initiatives is of especially high importance. Also in the works is the planning and resuming of in-person events and interactions. He revealed that the 2021 CJP Convention is set for October 20-23, 2021 at the beautiful Renaissance Esmeralda in Indian Wells, California.


Breakout Sessions

The remainder of the day consisted of four type-specific breakout sessions. Viewers were able to tune in to discussions and submit questions and comments live – with participation and responses from various partners also live. The schedule was as follows:

  • Introduction and Mustang breakout with presentations by Textron Aviation, Garmin (G1000) and Pratt & Whitney Canada, followed by a moderated Q&A session.
  • M2/CJ3+ breakout with presentations by Textron Aviation, Garmin (G3000) and Williams International, followed by a moderated Q&A session.
  • Introduction and CJ1+/CJ2+/CJ3/CJ4 breakout with presentations by Textron Aviation, Collins Aerospace (PL21 and Fusion) and Williams International, followed by a moderated Q&A session.
  • Introduction and CJ/CJ1/CJ2 and legacy Citations breakout with presentations by Textron Aviation, Collins Aerospace, Garmin, Pratt & Whitney Canada and Williams International, followed by a moderated Q&A session.

The day then concluded with a final member spotlight video and Zoom happy hour.

Thanks to amazing technology, the convention proceeded to deliver a mass of valuable information, product updates and member interaction. CJP members are encouraged to reach out and follow up with Andrew Broom or any of the partners with additional questions or feedback from the event.