By CJP Secretary Larry Stoddard

I know some just accept a random number through the FAA, but I think the majority of us have a reason or a story behind their N-numbers. For us, the story is pretty simple.

Devyn (L), McKenzie and Kristen Stoddard pose with their family's Citation Mustang

Devyn (L), McKenzie and Kristen Stoddard pose with their family’s Citation Mustang

On our previous aircraft, our number was N822DK. It stood for 8/22, the day Kelly and I were married. The D and the K represented the first name of each of our girls, Devyn and Kristen.

Fortunately for us we had another little girl, and we were faced with a dilemma. Either we had to name her with a name that started with the letter N, or we would eventually have to come up with new numbers. Additionally, we were fortunate enough to move into our Mustang around the same time. We chose to change our number rather than go with a “N” name.

Mckenzie is her name, so we changed our N-number to N220DK. The 220 represents Mckenzie’s birthday.

This is our story and I am hopeful others will share theirs as well. Thanks for the opportunity for us to tell others on how we came up with our N-number!

Do you have an interesting story about how you selected your ‘N’ number? Share your “tails” with CJP and you may be featured in an upcoming issue of Flight Levels! Please send a photograph highlighting your N-number and a brief explanation to