By CJP Founder and former Chairman Ed Turley

Ed TurleyAs my second term as CJP chairman draws to a close, and my fourth year as an officer, I’m naturally reflecting upon our recent accomplishments and where I feel our organization will go as we look towards the future.

First, I am tremendously grateful for (and relieved by, in equal measure) the success of our 2014 CJP Convention. More than 350 attendees flew to the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia to partake in three days of camaraderie, education and new experiences. We also had more than 100 Citations parked at nearby Greenbrier Valley Airport in Lewisburg. It was, by far, our most successful gathering to date.

Perhaps most importantly, we have also learned a great deal about what Members want out of CJP. New initiatives. Broader resources. And, a diverse range of ideas and solutions that keep our organization at the forefront for not only Citation owners and pilots, but similar associations as well.

Without question, I feel the most significant example of this is the ongoing realization of the Russ Meyer Citation Library, which I believe will grow to become the single most valuable resource for our Membership.

Practically every initiative launched by CJP in recent years has required what we didn’t have when we first formed CJP in 2009: capital. As a completely volunteer organization, the financial commitments our Members make to CJP speaks volumes as to whether or not we have been on the right track towards accomplishing what they want to see from their owners’ organization.

With these objectives in mind, I know that I join with all other CJP Members in looking forward to the wealth of knowledge and resources that our new Board of Directors bring in propelling CJP onwards to new and greater destinations.

Incoming chairman Mark Aloe is a familiar face to members, as is our new president, David Miller. As another sign of our financial stability, Tracy Forrest will remain onboard as our treasurer, while Larry Stoddard as our new Secretary rounds out a group of incredibly capable and forward-looking Board members.

We also have a wonderful roster of new Board members who promise to offer their fresh perspectives. Tennessee doctor and entrepreneur Dr. Russell Boyd operates a CJ2+; engineer and 4000-hour pilot Kirk Samuelson, a CJ1. Our first European board member, Bernhard Fragner, operates the largest air charter fleet of Citation Mustangs in the region. Joe Fisher will bring his experiences from a long and illustrious career in aviation and the auto industry to our organization.

Not all of their ideas will be my ideas, or perhaps issues that I would consider a top priority. They will be issues and ideas that are important to them, however, and of course that is precisely the point of imbuing fresh leadership into a representative organization like CJP.

From my perspective, CJP is on the precipice of a new season. Our organization’s inception and initial growth marked the first, and the second now concludes with recent changes on the Board of Directors, and the election of new leadership to move CJP into the next season of our association’s development and promise. After all, the only true evidence of life is change. If a tree does not bloom… it’s dying.