New Web Site Sets the Stage for the Future

At the 2013 CJP Convention, the organization unveiled a new web site. While undertaking a web site redesign is a big project, the CJP Board assembled an excellent team of web experts to carefully consider how the site is currently used, what areas are particularly popular, and what needed improvement. In addition to improving the aesthetics of the site, the web team upgraded the technical underpinnings to improve performance and security.

To learn more, we talked to the team responsible for the upgrade.

Q: Why did CJP feel it was time to update the site?

A: CJP membership is growing, not only in size, but also in expectations. Members want access to more information and the web site is the primary method for doing that. The web site also serves as a key administrative tool for CJP staff and we saw an opportunity to improve these tools to better serve our members throughout the year and during our annual events. Upon analysis it became clear that the underlying technology was inadequate to support our future initiatives. Subsequently, we took a proactive approach to building a newer stronger foundation for the future. The web site will also serve as the future home of the Russ Meyer Citation Operations Library.

Therefore, the redesign was implemented for three primary reasons. 1) Develop a structure that will meet the requirements of CJP staff and members for years to come. 2) Develop a foundation for the Russ Meyer Library. 3) Enhance the graphics, make the site user friendly, and update the content for members, non-members and our sponsors.

Q: Obviously first impressions for prospective members are important. What factors drove the new “look and feel” of the site?

A: Developing a graphical look that was representative of the CJP membership…contemporary, professional, exciting, and graphically pleasing. We also needed to better support our sponsors in a fashion that was equitable in relation to their commitments to CJP. We expect more improvements in these areas during the next year.

Q: Two areas of frustration have been log-on issues, and the New Forum Posts that are sent by email as desired by the user. What is CJP doing to respond?

A: This is an area where we are working to balance aesthetics with functionality. We want the CJP online experience to be consistent throughout. After listening to member input regarding the New Forum Posts banner, we prioritized this issue and a change was implemented. For log-on issues, we are here to help. If you are having problems, please send an email to and we will contact you to get it resolved.

Our goal has been to make the site visually pleasing, user friendly, content rich, and structured in a way that will allow for future expansion for a reasonable period of time. We make no excuses. This is a significant challenge and a major investment in time and resources. The recent introduction of the web site is a first step…an important one. We will continue to put forth our best effort to correct shortcomings and make improvements. We are confident that over the next year, the web site will continue to improve and be one of the most valued benefits of CJP membership.

Q: If members have issues with areas of site, how can their concerns be addressed?

A: Constructive criticism and comment is always welcome. However, we recommend they not be addressed in the open forums, but rather be directed to the CJP administrative office. Please send an email to and we will do everything we can to ensure the problems are resolved.