CJP Vision for the Future

by Tom Poberezny

Technology allows growing organizations such as CJP, to provide “in depth” content and a network for individuals with a common interest, such as owning the same type of aircraft to build lasting relationships. Our members have high expectations when it comes to value and service. They will accept nothing less.

Growing the CJP membership is an important goal…”If you don’t grow, you die.” But growth, for the sake of growth, can be counter productive and harmful to an organization’s focus. There must be a “value proposition” in order to invite and retain members. Following is the future vision for CJP that was introduced at the 2013 convention.

Vision for CJP

The Citation Jet Pilots and Owner Pilots Association (CJP) will engage all Citation aircraft owners and operators and welcomes anyone who is interested and/or operates a Citation aircraft. Member benefits will focus on providing valuable content and information through the Russ Meyer Citation Operations Library. In addition, opportunities for networking and social interaction through various events, as well as exchange of information through blogs, webinars, etc. will provide opportunities for membership engagement at whatever level they desire.

CJP Vision screen shot

Watch the CJP Vision Video, which was presented at the 2013 CJP Convention, by clicking on the image.


CJP will retain a professional staff and recruit dedicated leadership with the objective of providing quality service. At all times respect, integrity, innovation, and professionalism will serve as guidelines for the CJP culture.


Engaging aviation industry organizations as Partners of CJP, will be an important goal. Partners will be a valuable resource of information, as well as providing in-kind and financial support. CJP will be an information resource to Partners, while providing the opportunity for interaction and feedback from CJP members who are also Partner customers.


In addition to content and networking, CJP will strive to provide significant financial benefits, such as fuel and insurance discounts, training, and so forth. CJP will also represent its membership with industry Partners on important issues relating to professional maintenance standards and safe flight operations.


CJP will develop a charitable mission, demonstrating the willingness and compassion of members to “give back” to the aviation community, as well as within the public domain. The focus of the charitable mission could be in a number of areas such as, supporting military veterans and their families and aviation youth initiatives.


CJP is a growing, dynamic organization that has taken flight in only a few short years. With our engaged, enthusiastic membership, together we are committed to helping the organization reach even greater heights.