CEO Update: CJP In Excellent Position to Continue Growing and Thriving

by CJP CEO Andrew Broom

CJP2016-Andrew Broom-LinkedIn-0916This is my last CEO column, and I will announce our new partners, but wanted to first focus on thanking all of you for a wonderful experience at CJP and endorse your new CEO, Trent Corcia.

I was privileged to work for almost five years at CJP. Through a team effort including an amazing volunteer board of directors, great partners, and a small, but amazing staff, CJP has grown substantially since I started in the middle of 2016. I live by the motto to always leave something in a better position than when you arrived, and am so very proud of the following:

  • Membership – paid membership has grown by 91% since the end of 2015 and now approaching 1,100 paid members.
  • Partners – 139% growth since the end of 2016 from 23 to 55 partners. We hit a high of 59 before COVID-19 and I expect CJP will be back at that level in the coming year.
  • CJP Safety and Education Foundation – We launched the Foundation that now features our Safety efforts led by CJP Director of Programs and Safety Education David Miller and consultants Charlie Precourt and Neil Singer. The commitment to safety has set a new standard in single pilot operations and the Foundation funds everything you see on the Safety page, as well as the CJP scholarships and more. We are positively changing behaviors and have launched a Go Around study that you will hear more about and a super beta test for a FOQA program that Charlie has discussed in depth.
  • Convention – We have enhanced the convention every year with the help of the Interaction Committee and the Alberts team. During our last convention in 2019, we broke all attendance records with 542 attendees. This attendance has grown every year since 2016 in New Orleans representing a 54% increase in attendees. Based on preliminary information, we expect the 2021 CJP annual convention (October 20-24 in Indian Wells, CA) to surpass the previous records.
  • CJP organization – Last year, CJP completed our first financial audit and passed with flying colors. This is due to great governance from the Board and the Treasurers over the past few years, as well as meticulous recording and reporting from CJP COO Cheryl Hardy.
  • Advocacy – CJP has been advocating on behalf of our members on multiple fronts including working closely with partners Textron Aviation, Garmin, Collins, FlightSafety Textron Aviation Training, Williams and Pratt & Whitney Canada to name a few. These working relationships have resulted in positive outcomes for CJP members and direct voice of customer input to these companies.

I am most proud of the deep relationships that have been built within the CJP community. This includes learning from our Directors, working closely with our partners, and direct interaction with our amazing members. I truly value all these relationships and will miss each of you. CJP is an amazing organization!

CJP has blue skies ahead and has selected a great leader in Trent Corcia. He has been our liaison to FlightSafety International / FlightSafety Textron Aviation Training for multiple years and I have worked directly with him during this time. He has the perfect attitude and motivation to lead CJP. I cannot wait to see how his influence will take CJP to the next level. He has high energy, listens well, and has vast experience wearing many hats. CJP will continue flying high and setting the standards for owner pilot groups. 

Member benefits and partners

Please make sure to visit our valued partners websites and learn more about their offerings. All the CJP partners are listed here:

There are numerous CJP member benefits that can be found at ABOUT CJP > MEMBER BENEFITS, or

We have three new partners since the last Flight Levels newsletter that are highlighted below. 

Silver Partner: 

Presage Group

CJP is pleased to announce our partnership agreement with the Presage Group Inc. Presage is a behavioral risk management company whose software based analytical solutions define the psychological, interpersonal, and cultural drivers for pilot’s non-compliance to operational procedures. The Presage IP (Intellectual Property) is an evidenced based model for human decision-making that quantifies the risk to employees, co-workers, customers, and product/equipment because of degradation in “situational awareness” which is the precursor to operational compliance.  The modelling relies heavily on the participation of the stakeholders within the operations envelope of study.

CJP-Presage Group Logo-0521

Presage has been instrumental in achieving remarkable improvements in go-around compliance, stabilized approaches, and operational efficiencies at airlines (both large and small) around the world.  They were also the co-authors of the pioneering 2017 Flight Safety Foundation Go-around Decision-Making & Execution report.

Presage’s revolutionary methodology will enable stakeholders to truly see and understand the mental model of our pilots, at the point of decision making, nearing and during the landing phase of flight.  This scientific study has been specifically designed for the Cessna Citation operators; including the uniqueness created by single-pilot jet operations.  YOUR participation is critical to the success of this program so please complete the survey when it is available.

The assessment goal will be to develop collaboratively with all stakeholders, new stable approach, stable landing, and go-around procedures.  These will be designed to optimize situational awareness, while enabling safe and consistent touch zone down accuracy – thus reducing the risk of runway excursions/overruns which are the greatest risk to CJP operators.

Visit: to learn more about Presage. The study link will be sent separately.

Patron Partners: 

AirFleet Capital 

AirFleet Capital is proud to join the Citation Jet Pilots Association as a sponsor in 2021. We look forward to supporting CJP and its members throughout the year as well as at the Annual Convention in Palm Springs this October.

CJP-Airfleet Capital Logo-0521

AirFleet Capital has over 27 years’ experience supporting aircraft owners with financing alternatives.  With an entire staff of pilots, aircraft owners and aviation enthusiasts we are dedicated exclusively to aircraft financing – it is all we do.  We have a unique depth of experience in aviation, with multiple aircraft owners on-staff.  Our staff also includes current and former CFIs, A&P mechanics, and current board members of other nationwide non-profit aviation associations.

As our clients have grown in their aircraft ownership so have our capabilities to support their aircraft needs.  Over the last three years we have quietly financed 61 Citations, and in 2020 alone we financed 27 Citations.  We offer a balance of the best rates and terms, along with expedient and professional service, and a commitment to lasting relationships.

As specialists in new and used turbine aircraft we have in-depth experience with business transactions, and we pride ourselves in aligning our business goals with the ownership goals of CJP members.   We understand how an aircraft can help you reach your personal and business objectives, and we are here to support you.


Solairus Aviation

Solairus has identified specific processes and strengths that allow them to offer Light Jet and Turboprop aircraft owners the ability to customize the level of support needed to maximize the return on their aviation investment. A Solairus senior executive will be assigned to your account to ensure high-touch customer service. You will have direct access to your representative at all times, and he/she has the authority to respond immediately to any of your questions or concerns.

Solairus Aviation Logo

Operations Support The foundation of the Light Jet and Turboprop Management program is the integration of your aircraft into Solairus’ flight management system, providing access to their processes and procedures, safety management system (SMS), maintenance tracking integration, dispatch services and flight tracking. Solairus’ Flight Operations and Maintenance teams have codified their best-practices into a complete set of operating manuals; guidelines and processes followed by all flight crew and maintenance technicians. Additionally, Preferred Core Service aircraft have access to all of the economic advantages provided to Solairus’ fully managed fleet. These would include significant market discounts for fuel, crew training, wi-fi, as well as many other goods and services.

All Light Jet and Turboprop Management Program Clients Receive:

  • Integration into Solairus’ flight management system, providing access to Solairus’ processes and procedures, safety management system (SMS), maintenance tracking integration, dispatch services and flight tracking.
  • Access to the Solairus purchasing group that has developed programs that leverage the buying power and long-term vendor relationships derived from the operation of a fleet of over two hundred and thirty aircraft.
    • This enables Solairus to deliver significant cost savings on fuel, insurance, crew training, maintenance, and other categories.
    • Any discounts Solairus negotiates are passed on to you 100% in full, with no mark-up and no commission.

All Light Jet and Turboprop Management Program Clients must also select one or more of the following options available to them:

  • Maintenance Oversight
  • Fiscal Management
  • Crew Recruiting & Employment
  • Flight Coordination & Logistics
  • Part 135 Operations Option

As a special introductory offer to CJP members we will offer our Base Service (Solairus’ flight management system, Dispatch and Flight Tracking support, SMS and maintenance tracking integration) and access to our vendor discounts plus Maintenance Oversight for a monthly fee of $3,100.

For more information, visit:

Below, Solairus CEO Dave Davenport answers a few questions from CJP. 

CJP - Dave Davenport - Solairus Aviation - 0521Please tell us a little bit about your professional background and how you came to join Solairus’ executive team.

During 23 years at FlightSafety I was able to interact and work with thousands of flight departments at both the executive level and at the pilot, maintenance and flight attendant levels. The culture and entrepreneurship I saw Dan and John develop was very impressive, but what spoke volumes was what the pilots, maintenance technicians and flight attendants had to say about being part of the Solairus team and the relationships they are able to nurture. Joining the Solairus executive team was a no-brainer. 

With your extensive background in flight training, what do you think the future holds for training and type ratings? 

Technology has and will always play a major role in training and even type ratings.  Online and computer-based training has gotten so much better in the past few years to the point where you can simulate flights and trips from your laptop or mobile devices.  Mixed reality training devices could eventually replace full motion simulators someday. 

Why did Solairus choose to partner with CJP, and how can they be of service to CJP’s members? 

I know from my personal experiences with many of the executives at CJP that our philosophies are in line and that it makes perfect sense to develop this relationship with our two organizations. Although a large majority of the aircraft Solairus manages are in the larger categories, we have a lot to offer owner/operators of Citation Jets with our Light Jet Management Program. The foundation of this program is the integration of our clients’ aircraft into our flight management system, providing access to our processes and procedures, safety management system (SMS), maintenance tracking integration, dispatch services and flight tracking.

Our Flight Operations and Maintenance teams have codified our best practices into a complete set of operating manuals; guidelines and processes easily accessed and followed by all Light Jet Management Program flight crew. From an economic standpoint, the Solairus purchasing group has developed programs that leverage the buying power derived from a fleet of over two hundred and twenty aircraft as well as long-term vendor relationships that would allow CJP members to enjoy significant savings across the board. 

What differentiates Solairus from other management options for CJP members? 

Solairus is big enough to matter and small enough to care. Every client of Solairus is handled in a unique and personalized manner, with a small team dedicated to the day-to-day operation of the aircraft, and a larger team behind the scenes to support in anyway needed. You will be on a first-name basis with your dedicated team, and they will get to know your operation as well as you do.