Busy Spring Leads to New Opportunities for CJP Scholars

The expansion of in-person classes, new activities and leadership opportunities, graduation and a first solo marked a jam-packed Spring semester for CJP’s latest scholarship recipients.

Shaddi Abdala: 2021 CJP Bob Hoover Presidential Scholarship – ERAU Daytona

I am so excited to be finishing my fourth semester of college and am looking forward to all my summer adventures.

CJP-Shaddi Abdala-Seaplane Fly-In-0521

Toward the end of this past semester, I completed an Honors Contract for my Aviation Safety course and worked with my professor to complete a research poster presentation. I exhibited my research at the Office of Undergraduate Research’s Discovery Day virtual showcase on the topic of “Southwest Airlines Flight 1248: A Case Study Using the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System Framework.” It was a great opportunity to share my research with participants and also learn about other research being conducted by students on campus.

Completing this research project for my course grew my interest and appreciation for aviation safety. Another course project that I enjoyed completing was an informational presentation on Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) for my Jet Systems class. I was able to learn about the growing efforts of the aviation industry to become environmentally sustainable and the technology that is developing SAF. I am invested in staying informed with the latest developments of SAF and the aviation industry’s continuous efforts for our future.

April was full of excitement with Sun ‘n Fun happening so close to home. I spent an amazing weekend with family, friends, and planes of course. The airshow was spectacular in so many ways and one of my favorite parts was the Saturday night show and the amazing pyrotechnics.

Some exciting news is my recent election as Vice President of our Women In Aviation chapter at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University! I am really excited to fill this role next semester and meet many amazing women that are succeeding in our university and industry. I am ready for this summer and the adventures that await.

Shane Drury: 2021 CJP Bob Hoover Presidential Scholarship – ERAU Daytona

ShaneDruryThe Spring 2021 semester has finally come to a halt! I can’t believe just how fast this semester went by since it felt like we just started not long ago. Overall though, personally speaking, this semester happened to be a very good one. With the majority of my classes in person and only having to take one fully online class, I was able to be engaged in a more positive learning environment this semester. With only one semester left until I graduate, I am looking forward to returning even more back to a normal setting next semester. The University has already begun to relax some of its strict COVID policies and are expecting even more classes to resume in the full face-to-face format.

Academically speaking this was a very good semester for me, especially since this semester I was able to complete all the required classes for my Finance Minor. I was able to finish the semester off strong with receiving the majority of As and only one B thankfully. I was also able to keep my standing on the Dean’s List with a current GPA of 3.75.

This past semester’s classes were especially valuable to me though as they were able to give me a true insight to the future of my career. My Jet Transport System’s class taught me the Boeing 737-800 as it would be taught at an airline by a former airline instructor, my Pilot Career Planning class gave me valuable insight into the current industry and how to prepare to be a part of it, and my Electronic Flight Management System class taught me the basics of how an FMS and Autopilot system work on aircraft using a Boeing 747-400 simulator for the class. I will be taking my first summer class this summer since I will need it to graduate next semester. Also to graduate next semester, I will be taking 18 credit hours so it will do doubt be a busy last semester for me.

Now that the semester is over, I will be focusing all my energy into flight training this summer. With the delays and many complications that COVID has caused in my flight training, this summer is the perfect opportunity to focus all my energy into catching up and getting back on track before I graduate next semester! Now that I am able to focus all my energy into flight training, I will be finishing my Commercial here very soon and can no doubt promise to have it complete by my next report for you all. After I have finished my Commercial depending on a number of factors I will either proceed with getting my Commercial Multi Add-On or my CFI and then proceed with obtaining the other after the summer is over.

Overall, I could not be more excited to be flying all summer and making up for lost time that COVID has taken from my training. Due to the fact that I will be focusing all my energy on flight training this summer, I will not be working my job over the summer. Instead of having to quit though, Target offers Educational Leave-of-Absences in which I was able to take until the end of summer as flight training qualifies under this category. This LOA will allow me to focus more time and energy to flying and also gives me the security of getting my job back once I return for the start of the Fall Semester. I will also be cutting back on summer vacations as well this semester to focus more on flight training.

Once again, thank you all for taking time and reading this update. With the state of the COVID situation getting better, I definitely hope to see and meet some of you at some of the CJP events in the future!

Caitlin Fuelling: 2020 CJP Bob Hoover Presidential Scholar – ERAU Prescott

Caitlin FuellingI am excited to announce as of Saturday May 8, 2021 I have officially graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University! I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Aeronautical Science (Fixed Wing Track) along with a minor in aviation safety.

I am so thankful for everyone who has helped me achieve my goals and further my education. I went to Embry-Riddle in 2017 with zero aviation experience and ended my senior year by receiving my Commercial Multi Engine License after previously finishing the private, instrument, and commercial single engine courses. Attending this school was one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences in my life.

I am ready to begin the next chapter of my life and will need to make some big decisions in the coming weeks. I am deciding between joining the Air Force or continuing my education to receive a master’s degree. While I make this decision, I will be moving home to South Dakota and continuing work on my CFI. I have also applied for several jobs there, including the local air ambulance, and hope to hear something soon.

Thank you all for your continued support, I would not be where I am in my flight training and education without you.

Susan Schmidt: 2021 Tracy S. Forrest Memorial Flight Training Scholarship – ERAU Daytona

Happy summer! The spring semester ended this past week. I am very glad to be done with finals. I do plan on staying in Daytona for most of the summer though. Hopefully, I’ll get out to the golf course more.

CJP - Hoover Scholar - Susan Schmidt

I am about halfway through my commercial multi add-on, and I plan to finish in the next month or so. As well as I am taking a couple classes during the summer semester, so I will be able to graduate this upcoming Fall.

I am still on the lookout for a CFI job, I am hoping with the airlines starting to hire, that Riddle will also being hiring soon. In the meantime, I did just get a job at Riddle’s Aviation Learning Center as a ground instructor. It’s the school’s tutor lab that is for the flight students looking for extra help or practice in their flight courses.

Troy Broussard: 2021 CJP Flight Training Scholarship

CJP Scholarship Recipient Troy Broussard First Solo 0521The winds were reportedly a little stiff, but Troy said it was still a great day to solo. He is a student at Dubiski Career High School in Grand Prairie, TX.

CJP works closely with the Blue Sky Educational Foundation in Dallas, TX. Blue Sky administered the scholarship made possible by the financial support of CJP, which also helped Troy pass his FAA Private Pilot written exam.

Although COVID-19 slowed progress toward Troy’s solo flight, it did not stop him. Dr. Lee Siudzinski, Executive Director of Blue Sky worked closely with Troy, his aviation teacher, Bill Irwin at Dubiski, and Skymates Flight School.

Last year, CJP Flight Scholarship efforts resulted in Garret Graf passing his Private Pilot Check Ride. CJP and Blue Sky plan on taking a classroom of aviation students from Sanford Middle School, Florida, to the National Flight Academy (NFA) in Pensacola for a 3 day hands on STEM flight simulator experience. This experience was delayed because of COVID 19 and the NFA temporary closing.

CJP Vice Chair Chick Gregg and Blue Sky’s Lee Siudzinski work closely in meeting with scholarship students and their parents.