Five Minutes with Randy Davis

Randy GIII Abu DhabiCJP Member Since: 2017

Occupation: Sr. VP & General Counsel, Phoenix Air Group, Inc.

Current Aircraft: Citation 501

Home Base: KVPC

Number of Years Flying: +40

Total Time: +17,000

  1. Can you summarize your background in aviation?

I learned how to fly in Cubs on my father’s farm on Eastern Long Island.

  1. What led to your purchase of a Citation? Your typical mission?

We have operated Gulfstreams and Learjets over the years here at Phoenix Air. Our CEO has a Citation V because he wanted a single-pilot jet. I then somewhat copied him and bought a 501. Somewhat unusually, we got into Citations after years of flying two-pilot Learjets and Gulfstreams on government and military missions. It certainly drove home to us that the Citation, while smaller and slower, is a very safe jet and one that we can fly single-pilot.

  1. How does Citation ownership benefit and enhance your life?

I use the 501 for pleasure and business. Family and friends really like the comfort and speed of the Citation (I previously had a Duke). Phoenix Air also uses both the V and 501 for intra-company transport of personnel.

  1. Can you explain how your company Phoenix Air Group (featured in this newsletter) has contributed toward coronavirus relief efforts?

Phoenix Air has a long tradition in international air ambulance movements. Our CDC work in 2005 caused us to develop on airborne patient isolation chamber, and then we started to actually use it in our Ebola work in 2014. This work resulted in a long term government contract in which we are on standby to respond to such crises throughout the world.

  1. Your Citation has also played a role in assisting such missions. Can you describe its function and some of the piloting behind the scenes? 

With the lack of reliable airline schedules lately, and because our medical and flight relief crews need to stay away from any infected folks, the Citation has been very helpful moving such crews and equipment. It moves them to their entry/exit points as they return from and leave on deployments in our Gulfstreams and other aircraft that we have stationed around the world at this time as part of the COVID-19 response.

501 Crew Transport Plane