CJP Partner Feature: Corporate Angel Network

Corporate Angel Network Still Transporting Cancer Patients in Need

avaWhile COVID-19 has slowed operations worldwide, Corporate Angel Network (CAN) continues to arrange free travel on business aircraft for cancer patients needing to access treatment. “Patients with compromised immune systems need our support now more than ever,” said CAN Executive Director Gina Russo.

With the decline in business aviation activity, CAN is primarily relying on companies who are able to perform patient flights even when there is no scheduled business activity. “The support our corporate partners have provided is truly heartwarming and has allowed us to continue helping those in need,” Russo said. “But we still must increase available flight lift to meet the patient requests we’re receiving.”

Recent CAN missions include transporting a patient to cutting-edge therapy and flying another to an appointment to confirm that there is no more evidence of disease.

“This pandemic has given the public a small insight into what it’s like to travel when your health is at risk,” continued Russo. “CAN patients need to access the best treatment our country has to offer, and they can’t delay their travel plans.”

CAN works with operators who utilize pressurized aircraft and two pilots. If your operation is interested in helping, contact Samantha Lohse at slohse@corpangelnetwork.org to learn more.