Chairman’s Update

Forward Focus

by Tom Abood

user_2330Dear fellow CJP members and friends,

I write today with the wish that this message finds you safe, healthy and optimistic about surmounting the challenges of this time.

When I wrote in March as the pandemic crisis was in full motion, I commented that CJP was well positioned to persist and support its members with its strong financial reserves and creative approach to delivering substance in a time of immobility. I am pleased to report this remains true today.

As our nation begins to reopen, I want to provide you with an update on CJP’s status and programs, and specifically the 2020 convention.

The 2020 CJP Convention is still scheduled for October 21-24 in Nashville, Tennessee. Recognizing the fluid nature of planning in this environment, the CJP Board appointed a special committee in mid-April to evaluate the ongoing feasibility of our plans, and that committee has met weekly. The committee has examined numerous factors regarding holding a convention in the traditions we’ve come to experience and has simultaneously sought to limit financial exposure to CJP in the circumstance where holding a convention is impracticable. The committee has paid close attention to deliberations from other large aviation industry gatherings and notes that final go/no go decisions are typically made 60 to 90 days out from the event. The full Board will review the findings of the committee in June and will keep the membership updated on plans for the convention.

With blockbuster star Keith Urban headlining the event, new safety programming in the works and the support of our partners led by Textron Aviation, who has reaffirmed its commitment to the convention, the 2020 CJP Convention is poised to deliver a wonderful experience for members and companions alike. In view of the pandemic, we are already taking steps to consider the well-being of our attendees in line with recommendations from authorities, including collaboration with the host hotel regarding safety measures. Of course, no one can guarantee a virus-free, no-risk environment, and we recognize the decision to attend is a personal one for each member based on the available measures and national and local circumstances. We will make the steps we are taking to hold a safe convention known in advance so members can assess them and make their own decisions about coming. I know I plan to attend.

Thank you to our members and partners for their support over the past couple of months. It has been encouraging to see the comradery strengthen among both the CJP community and industry as we navigate these difficult times. It is particularly impressive to see the many aviation leaders and businesses that inspired action by assembling and manufacturing coronavirus aid in the form of personal protective equipment. We want to highlight the generous actions of those companies and leaders, and a list of our involved CJP partners is in this newsletter.

I also want to recognize the efforts of our CJP Board, staff and partners in quickly adapting and developing member programs and online training options during the downtime from sheltering orders. You should have received numerous email blasts sharing those programs, incentives and opportunities over the past few months. Our steadfast goal is to deliver value to our members through innovative education, tools and resources, even in this difficult time. If you missed any video podcast sessions, or wish to view the full list of videos available, click here. You can find more on partner news in Andrew’s CEO Message.

The CJP Safety & Education Foundation also remains focused and vigorous on its numerous initiatives such as scenario-based training, Citation-specific SOPs, Gold Standard Safety Award, FOQA and insurance. Stay tuned for more information on those safety matters in the next issue of “Right Seat” coming out in June.

Additionally, you can watch for an insurance offering made available to CJP members aligned with the Gold Standard Safety Award that will offer an alternative to members for coverage in this tight market. It has become a very disconcerting matter for all of us to see the reports of premium increases and, in some cases, outright denials of single-pilot coverages. We believe the insurance offering we have collaborated in creating will offer an alternative to qualifying members to address this need.

Safe flying and I hope to see you all soon.