By Rob Finfrock

Although past “Tail Tales” columns have featured stories of how CJP Members selected the tail numbers for their Citations, for this edition we’re going to do something different, although fully in keeping with the “Tail Tales” theme. CJP’ers Howard and Gail Tobin share their “tales” of three beloved Dobermans who’ve joined their family over the years, and whose names have been inspired by their own flying adventures.

First was Amelia, named (of course!) after Amelia Earhart.

CJP-2017-Tobin-Tail Tales-Amelia-Citation Cabin

Next came Jeta (“Jet-A”). Here she is with Howard on the flight deck of his C501SP.

CJP-2017-Tobin-Tail Tales-Jeta-Flight Deck-Howard

Last of all is the newest member of the Tobin family. “Avia (we call her Avi) is a one-year-old rescue Doberman who had a very tough early life and was a day from being put down,” Howard wrote on the CJP Forums. “She is a wonderful little girl.”

CJP-2017-Tobin-Tail Tales-Avi

Howard also noted that, “and they all have or had tails… although short ones.”

Do you have a story about how you selected your ‘N’ number, or any other interesting tales to share about your Citation ownership experience? Share your experiences with CJP in an upcoming issue of Flight Levels! Send your ideas to