By CJP Chairman Russell Boyd

CJP-Russell Boyd-0116Responsible pilots spend a lot of time training to become better and safer aviators. We also take the time to carefully prepare for each trip, and thoroughly preflight our Citations; at the end of the day, though, we all own our marvelous aircraft so that we can go somewhere.

This past year has been an exciting one for me to be involved with CJP, as we’ve transitioned from an organization getting itself in order, to one that may now apply the energy of our talented staff, Board of Directors, and membership to move in new directions… and really GO somewhere!

There is no better example of this renewed spirit and focused energy than the new CJP Safety Committee, launched under the guidance of CJP President Kirk Samuelson and with the help of Stuart Fred, Charlie Precourt, Joe Fisher, and CJP Executive Director Andrew Broom.

At our recently-concluded Board meeting, the board approved a new and separate CJP Safety and Education Foundation dedicated to promoting aviation safety specifically for owner-flown jets, and general aviation as a whole. I am grateful to Charlie for agreeing to join our team to head up this effort.

We all agree that operational safety is paramount for owner/pilots, and we believe Citation pilots should be at the forefront, leading the way for improved safety in owner-flown aircraft.

CJP-Garmin G1000 Flight Deck Avionics Cessna C510 Mustang

To that end, we also intend to make safety a recurring focus in CJP’s mission going forward, and this attitude will be exemplified at the upcoming CJP Annual Convention with our first-ever Safety Standdown to be held on the opening day of the convention. Other events throughout our gathering at the Arizona Biltmore will approach the topic of safety from several perspectives.

Final details are being worked out but I can confirm we’re planning events covering water rescue operations (thanks to the folks at Winslow Life Raft Company). We are planning to provide attendees with the opportunity to see what happens when the cord on a life raft is pulled. We will also discuss equipment and procedures you need to handle in-flight medical emergencies and provide information on how to safely transition to the next stage of your flying career.

Speaking of the Convention, we have some significant surprises planned for this year’s event. I promise more details as they finalize but trust me, if even half of the things we are working on materialize you’ll want to hold Oct. 4-7 open to come to Phoenix and join us for the experience.

The Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, AZ, site of the 2017 CJP Convention.

The Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, AZ, site of the 2017 CJP Convention.

I’d like to close by recognizing the amazing support CJP enjoys from Textron Aviation. Rob Scholl, the new Senior VP for Sales and Marketing, made a point to attend our Board meeting last month to introduce himself, and express his commitment to working with CJP on a variety of activities.

We really appreciate Rob’s “can-do!” spirit, as well as the valued support from Tony Balestracci, Textron Aviation’s VP for Global Customer Service. Tony has agreed to serve as an industry representative on CJP’s Board of Directors, succeeding Brian Rohloff.

CJP continues to be in good stead, and we’ve developed an incredibly solid foundation from which to grow. I hope you will join me and share the excitement as we all buckle up and see where CJP can go in the months and years ahead!