By Rob Finfrock

Just in time for certification of the Pro Line Fusion upgrade for Citation CJ3s, acclaimed training provider and CJP Platinum Partner FlightSafety International will soon introduce its CJ3 Pro Line Fusion Familiarization Course addressing the fundamentals of operating the new avionics package.

CJP-2017-Rockwell Collins-Pro Line Fusion-Touchscreen Graphical Control-0517

Wayne Glenn, Senior Instructor at FlightSafety, expects the new program to be online for Part 91 operators within the next month. “It’s planned as a two-day course,” he explained. “We’re targeting about four hours of ground school, to review system capabilities and limitations, followed by four hours of complete hands-on experience with the system through a desktop trainer. We’ll have you loading flight plans and approaches, departures, and other routine functions.

“We’ll begin the second day with a thorough review of these tasks,” Glenn continued. “As your proficiency grows, we’ll then walk through several realistic flight scenarios to assist pilots in becoming accustomed to the overall language of the system.”

As its name implies, the CJ3 Pro Line Fusion Familiarization Course is primarily intended to give pilots confidence in using the new avionics package. “This is a great opportunity for pilots considering the upgrade to engage with the Pro Line Fusion system and see what they think about it,” Glenn noted.

“Fusion is an extremely powerful package that offers numerous capabilities,” added Chad Raney, Director of Programs at FlightSafety. “An amazing number of different configurations are possible, and the nice thing about working with Collins products is that their logic is consistent. Once you learn to use the new touch and control interfaces, current Pro Line customers will find a great deal of commonality which will help make the transition easy.”

CJP2016-FlightSafety International logo-1216At the end of the two-day program, Citation operators will depart with a high level of understanding of, and confidence with, the new Pro Line Fusion avionics system. “Our philosophy is to identify the core skills you will need in basic flight regimes and typical day-to-day use,” Raney concluded. “That provides the necessary foundation to learn about Fusion’s more advanced features as you utilize the system, and it helps you to be a safer and more confident pilot in your Citation.”

CJP Members are invited to contact FlightSafety Sales Manager Malinda Shock at (316) 220-3100 or for program availability and pricing information. The CJ3 Pro Line Fusion Familiarization Course will also be made available to Part 135 operators later this year.