By Rob Finfrock

CJP2017-logo-smallAmong the most important benefits of being a CJP Member is the close working relationships CJP enjoys with its valued Partners, and that’s particularly true when issues arise with the operation of your Citation aircraft. That’s when the CJP Advocacy Committee steps up to work with these companies to find reasonable and effective solutions.

“All of our work on the CJP Advocacy Committee centers around the question, ‘what is best for our Members, and your customers?'” explained CJP Advocacy Committee chairman Marc Dulude. “Everyone involved works to find an answer until we’re all satisfied.”

Dulude pointed to the committee’s work with Textron Aviation after the manufacturer issued life-limits for precoolers on C525, C525A and C525B aircraft. “This was a significant development, as life-limited components aren’t covered under maintenance agreements like ProAdvantage,” Dulude added. “I went to Textron Aviation and asked what could be done.

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“Everyone at Textron Aviation who should have been involved, was involved,” he continued, “and we worked to find an equitable solution. People whose aircraft had precoolers covered before [the limit was imposed] will still have them covered; for aircraft purchased after the bulletin went out, compliance with the service bulletin should be noted during a pre-buy inspection.”

The CJP Advocacy Committee has also worked with OEMs to find solutions on matters including a long-awaited update to G1000-equipped Citation Mustangs; rudder rig pin location inspections on Citation M2s; and early failures of auxiliary batteries. However, the committee’s work isn’t centered exclusively on resolving problems.

CJP2016-Marc Dulude-Headshot“Recently, Raisbeck Engineering brought to us an interesting proposal that would bring significant improvements to range, zero fuel weight, and full fuel payload for C525 models,” added Dulude (shown at left.) “They wanted to gauge Members’ interest in the design modifications. CJP Executive Director Andrew Broom and I participated in presentations about the proposal, to see if we thought it was worth putting in front of Members, and we ultimately implemented an email survey allowing Members to weigh in anonymously.”

In addition to Broom, Dulude also lauded the efforts of other committee members including CJP Directors Joe Fisher and Bernhard Fragner, and CJP President Kirk Samuelson.

“Collaboration is the most important factor in finding the best resolution for all concerned,” he continued. “It’s important to have as many voices in that process as possible, including on the OEM side; they really want to find the right answers.”

Dulude encouraged CJP Members to voice their questions and concerns to the CJP Advocacy Committee. “One of the most effective ways the committee learns about possible issues is by monitoring the CJP Forums,” he concluded. “We’re always looking out for ways we’re able to assist our Members.”