By CJP Interim Executive Director Marc Dulude

CJP2016-Marc Dulude-HeadshotCJP’s charter is to be the single most valuable and influential resource for Citation owners and pilots, one that consistently represents our Members’ interests and responds effectively to their concerns. We aren’t “just” a flying club. This broad scope is a hallmark of our organization, but it also presents a very real risk of diluting our perceived effectiveness.

Since I was asked to serve as interim Executive Director earlier this year, what has struck me most is how much this little organization has on its plate. In fact, it would be very hard to count all the initiatives, meetings, discussions, and research underway at a given time, all of it advocating for the best interests of our Membership.

I’ve played a part in two recent initiatives that demonstrate this strong advocacy role. As many of you know from the Forums, CJP recently brought about a great outcome in response to concerns about the high prices of the CAMP/CESCOM maintenance tracking program. Nearly all Members are familiar with the very real benefits from participating in this program, but none of us are immune to the effects of ever-rising prices – now approximately $4200 – $4,500 per year.

Thanks to engagement with CAMP Systems and Cessna, CJP earned our Members a 10% discount in participation in the program, resulting in annual savings of $420-$450 – an amount greater than CJP’s annual membership dues! Cessna also agreed that participants in any of its Citation maintenance programs will no longer be required to use CAMP/CESCOM, so if you believe there’s a better tracking solution out there, you’re now free to use it.

Another recent success affects a much smaller group of Citation pilots, with the Ground Clutter Suppression function restored to weather radar displays on aircraft flying with the Garmin G3000 Version 3.2 update. Garmin and Cessna had inadvertently activated this extra-cost feature, and later ‘corrected’ their error to the unpleasant surprise of many owners with the most recent software update.

Following discussions between CJP and these parties, and with the involvement of the NBAA Technical Committee, Garmin acknowledged they erred in removing this important benefit, and this permanent solution is now in place for 91 aircraft affected by the G3000 software update.

CJP-Citation M2-Garmin G3000-0516

Neither of these positive developments would have been possible without the strong relationships between CJP and these critically important partners. CJP is also about strengthening the Citation pilot community, and we recently concluded an extremely successful regional event in Memphis, TN. The event included several group activities, including an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of the FedEx World Hub facility. In fact, we were there until 2 am, watching with nearly unfettered access as more than one million packages were routed to all corners of the globe.

Attendees also visited the fabled Graceland mansion, and experienced an extremely moving tour of St. Jude Children’s Hospital. The latter led CJP Members to graciously donate personal funds to help support this operation, with that sum doubled through a matching grant from CJP Member Bob Wilson.

Looking ahead, attendance is nearly sold out for our third and final CJP Regional Event of 2016, on Michigan’s famed Mackinac Island, and preregistrations for the CJP Annual Convention – still more than four months away! – are also close to being sold out.

Obviously, CJP has a lot going on (and I haven’t even mentioned the significant infrastructure changes behind the scenes on the CJP website, which have – so far, thankfully – remained largely transparent to Members.) While these challenges may seem daunting at times, they all serve to ensure that CJP remains on the correct road – the one that ensures CJP remains the premier owner/pilot group in aviation, known for consistently rising to meet the needs of that community.