(The following letter has been reprinted with Anna’s permission to be shared with the CJP Membership – Ed.)

Dear Cheryl, Tracy, Chick, and all of CJP –

Words cannot express my thanks for all that you have given me this past year. Thank you so much for the generosity beyond what I could have dreamed. To be called a CJP Hoover Scholar is an honor for which I will be forever thankful and proud. When you all surprised me with the CJP Excellence Scholarship, I was brought near to tears. These scholarships are so generous in not only their dollar amounts, but also the opportunities they afford.

CJP-787 Dreamliner Flight Deck-Anna Robinson-0715

EAA AirVenture 2015 was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I had never been to the world-famous airshow before, and then you showed me Oshkosh in style. Being able to stay on the grounds in our own personal campers with your group added so much to an already special experience. I still have the name tag from Dakota’s and my trailer hanging in my room, alongside the poster from AeroShell’s T-6 Texan team with all of their signatures. I loved every minute we had in Oshkosh – from the special meet-and-greets with the Apollo crew, Burt Rutan, Captain Sully, Nancy Spielberg, Bob Hoover, and more, to the exclusive helicopter, seaplane base, and ATC Tower tours, and the AeroShell aerobatic flight, to the special Bob Hoover dinner, where I got to meet yet more incredible people in this industry. That networking experience was so valuable. The way you helped us introduce ourselves even when we were too shy was so nice – even that speaks volumes. I don’t feel that I deserved the VIP treatment that you all gave me, so thank you so much for everything. When it came down to it, even just wandering amongst the airplanes – the fields and fields of airplanes! – was every pilot’s dream, and CJP made it even grander than I could have asked. Thank you for giving me the chance to live out that dream. You all welcomed us so easily into your CJP family and that made it all the better. I still haven’t begun to touch the surface of everything that we did that week … but please know that I cherished every moment of AirVenture. I was easily one of my favorite experiences of my life.

Not only did you give us all so much throughout the year, but you also took us to the CJP Annual Convention in Colorado Springs! That trip was another incredible experience that I cannot begin to thank you for as well. Thank you for including me in the celebration of your organization. The Broadmoor, the dinners, the educational sessions alongside the fun/recreational sessions, the guest speakers, the Members, the whole conference… it was all so valuable and lovely. I know you all worked tirelessly to make that event happen and it was a privilege to experience the final product. I loved being able to listen to Chairman of the NTSB [Christopher Hart] advise about safety, have lunch with incredible owner/pilots, stargaze on the top of a mountain, and learn how to cook from Chef Guy Fieri – all in the same day! Who can say that they’ve done that? Well, now I can, among all the other incredible opportunities the conference afforded me. Building my pilot network in any way is always priceless and I’d like to thank you for that experience. I made connections with people at the Convention who I was able to reconnect with at the Women in Aviation conference in March. If I hadn’t been at the CJP convention, I never would have done that. Thank you so much for including me in your festivities and giving me such valuable opportunities.

CJP-Sept2015-Hoover AirVenture-AeroShell Flight2-0915

This is the first scholarship program that I have seen such personalized involvement between the recipients and benefactors. It speaks volumes of your organization and your Members. Thank you for reaching out to me and again awarding me with your generosity with the CJP Excellence Scholarship. I hope that I may continue to act as an ambassador for CJP and make you all proud. This scholarship is relieving such a great financial struggle on me and my family … Please know that your scholarship is a saving grace to me. I’m not sure that I could have finished my degree and flight training without it. I am hoping to be hired as a full-time flight instructor at ERAU to help defray the cost of tuition so that I can actually finish my classes. That way, your scholarship will be put toward my multi-commercial add-on rating, which is also part of my degree and a necessity to be hired for most pilot jobs in my future. It is one of the costliest courses and your scholarship greatly relieves that financial strain.

Thank you. Thank you so much for furthering my education and continuously showing me how to pay it forward. Your scholarships are the reason that I can continue working toward my dream. They truly are. I don’t know where I would be without CJP. So even though words cannot begin to express my gratitude, all I can say is thank you and I hope I can make you proud. I am so excited for this coming year and the many more beyond it. When it comes down to it, we are all here because we love flying and fundamental fact fills me with such joy. I honestly am honored to be among the same pilot community as you and your Members.

With the utmost respect and gratitude,

CJP-Anna Robinson-signature