CJP Scholars Look Toward Advanced Training, Sunnier Skies Ahead

With warmer weather and summer vacations on the horizon, recent CJP Scholarship recipients are looking forward to new opportunities, more flying and emergence from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shaddi Abdala: 2021 CJP Bob Hoover Presidential Scholarship – ERAU Daytona

CJP Hoover Scholar Shaddi Abdala ERAU Multi PinHappy Spring!! The longer days and clearer skies have been truly enjoyable here at Daytona Beach. The most exciting news I have is recently becoming a multi-engine rated commercial pilot! It is exhilarating to add another rating to the back of my commercial certificate. Flying an aircraft as incredible as the DA42VI makes me excited for the aircraft that I hope to fly in the future.

In other exciting news, I was selected as an ambassador for the Women’s Ambassador Program at ERAU. As a Women’s Ambassador I will have the opportunity to share my experience as an Aeronautical Science major at ERAU with perspective new female students and be a resource for any questions they may have. I am looking forward to meeting other passionate women ready to enter the aviation industry.

Finally, on March 13th we hosted the second annual Dance Marathon event at ERAU. As a member of the executive team for Dance Marathon, it was a proud moment to see that we surpassed our fundraising goal by raising $19,445.64 for the Children’s Miracle Network at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

After a year’s worth of planning and coordinating with the university, our team successfully held the six-hour event upholding COVID-19 safety guidelines. It has been an exciting semester thus far and I am looking forward to continuing my studies and pursuing my next rating!

Shane Drury: 2021 CJP Bob Hoover Presidential Scholarship – ERAU Daytona

Shane Drury (2)This semester has proved to fly by fast, with only a month and a half left of classes before the beginning of summer.

With everyone finally getting more comfortable to this new and different routine due to COVID, it has definitely made this semester flow in a smoother manner. With the past couple of semesters being somewhat of a challenge due to everyone adapting to this new way of life, I would say the major kinks have worked themselves out allowing students to engage in a more productive semester. I’m looking forward to continuing on this track and finishing this semester strong.

The one thing I think we can all agree on is that COVID has had a profoundly negative affect on aviation. Unfortunately, that is where COVID has hit me the hardest personally. As everyone has had to suffer unwanted situations and challenges because of COVID, my flight training has unfortunately been one of those situations. I have not let that get me down though, I push through and adapt to these changes because no matter what aviation and flying is still my heart, blood, and soul. I am still on track to finish the remainder of my training this summer, and I plan to start instructing next semester given that the state of the industry continues on the incline. The university has notified us that that they plan to begin hiring again in August, so let’s all hope that the industry remains on the incline and hiring can resume as planned.

Another prospect I’m looking forward to, given that the industry continues on the incline, is continuing my progress within the Envoy Cadet Program. Last year I was accepted into the program, but since the pandemic has taken over the entire program has come to a halt. I just received word from our coordinator with the airlines that they plan on resuming operations soon. This is great timing as by the time I become a CFI I should be able to complete the interview process with the airline and become employed with them while I instruct.

As far as academics are concerned, my classes have been going very well. Every semester I enjoy the classes I take more and more, because they become more practical to what I’ll be doing with my career. For example, my AS 411 Jet Transport Systems class has been very intriguing with being able to learn all the systems of the Boeing 737-800. Another great practical class is my AS 435 Electronic Flight Management Systems class where we have been learning the autopilot system of the Boeing 747-400 using simulators in class to learn the different functions and maneuvers. I have also just registered for next semesters classes which will be my last putting me on track to still graduate next semester!

Outside of the classroom, I continue to work and pursue my other hobbies and passions. I still currently work an average of 30 hours a week at my part-time job at Target which I plan on holding until I am able to start instructing. With what little free time I do have I try to make the most of it by remaining active and getting out to explore and travel as much as time permits. I love to play tennis and exercise as much as possible to help keep a positive state of mind and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Once again, I hope you all enjoyed this update, and I couldn’t be more thankful for all that you have done making it possible for me to be a Bob Hoover Scholar.  I am still remaining optimistic that CJP will be able to hold in person events so I am able to meet some of you as it would be a great honor to do so.

Caitlin Fuelling: 2020 CJP Bob Hoover Presidential Scholar – ERAU Prescott

Caitlin FuellingHello again! I am finishing my degree in Aeronautical Science this semester, and I am super excited to look for jobs when I graduate.

The last four years have been very challenging, yet extremally rewarding. I am so thankful for everyone who has pushed me to become a better student, pilot, and person. I am still weighing my career options, and I am pretty torn about what path I want to take following graduation. I have been considering the Air Force, the Airlines, and joining a guard unit. I am going to tour a guard unit in Sioux Falls South Dakota in a few weeks and I am very excited to learn more about what they do and how they operate.

I have been working hard to finish my last few classes, along with working on my CFI. My favorite class that I am taking right now is a human factors safety class where we discuss accidents and why they happened, and how they could have been prevented. I am super interested in the safety side of aviation which inspired me to pursue an aviation safety minor. Again, I want to thank everyone who reads this and who is part of the Citation Jet Pilot Association, you have all had such a positive impact on my life and my education. I can’t wait to keep pushing myself to become the best pilot I can be. Thank you.

Garett Graf: 2020 CJP Flight Training Scholarship – Utah State University

CJP Hoover Scholar Garett Graf

Hi, I received your CJP Flight Training scholarship [awarded through the Blue Sky Foundation] about a year ago at the end of my PPL training. I’m currently at my second semester at Utah State University. I completed a 40 hour cross country course last semester, and I am now in Stage 2 of Instrument training this semester and should have my instrument rating in the next couple months!

Susan Schmidt: 2021 Tracy S. Forrest Memorial Flight Training Scholarship – ERAU Daytona

Happy spring! February 3rd of last month I passed my Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Add-on (CFII). This was a great achievement for me because this has been an end goal of mine since starting flight training about 2 years ago. The scholarship from CJP association made this rating possible, and I am very grateful of it.

CJP - Hoover Scholar - Susan Schmidt

Unfortunately, not a lot of flight schools are hiring at the moment, but I have hope that the industry will be recovering soon, and I will be instructing students of my own soon. In the meantime, I am starting my commercial multi engine add-on. I am very excited to start flying the [Diamond] DA42. This is the last flight course I have left at Riddle. The semester is about halfway over, all my classes have been going really well. I have enjoyed a lot of the topics, especially my aircraft systems and components and domestic and international navigation.