Chairman’s Update

Stormy Skies

by Tom Abood

user_2330Dear CJP members and friends,

As you are well aware, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our world has drastically changed since my last update. Each day brings a new set of challenges with more announcements about cancelations and closings, as well as impacts on the aviation industry and our nation’s economy. No person, organization or business is exempt from the effects of this virus and the efforts expended to reduce harm.

However, as we move forward in the coming months, we want to ensure you of two important items related to CJP:

  1. CJP fellowship is strong. It is in times of uncertainty and crisis that support and encouragement from one another are most essential. Though physically separated in group settings for the time being, we are fortunate to have the technology and resources to stay connected. Please continue to support each other via phone, forums or email. It is natural that our membership will have strong views on the impacts of the virus. Let’s remember we are all in this together and encourage competing views respectfully expressed. We will come out of this even stronger on the other side.
  2. CJP is in a sound posture. Three key points here: 1) CJP is adapting to practices in compliance with federal and local directives regarding our events and day to day operations. 2) CJP is in solid financial condition with reserves that can help it remain active in support of our membership through this likely down revenue period. 3) At this point, CJP is still planning to hold its October convention, and the Board will monitor and review that posture continually as the country endures this crisis.

You can find more details regarding upcoming events such as the member dinners, regional events and convention in Andrew’s CEO Message. I encourage you to read his note as well as other provided content this issue, including a technical piece on engine corrosion and a recap of our Charleston regional event held a few weeks ago.

I pray that you all remain safe and healthy.