CEO Message: Update on Activities and Events

by Andrew Broom

CJP2016-Andrew Broom-LinkedIn-0916As we navigate these unprecedented times, CJP is exploring new opportunities to share information virtually, while limiting our in-person interactions. You will read in this newsletter about our regional event in Charleston earlier this month, and the great comradery we experienced in an amazing location. The event was held just before the COVID-19 outbreak reached pandemic status. If it were one week later, it likely would have been canceled.

Recently, we postponed our Florida and Texas member dinners (March and April), and are continuing to reevaluate events in the coming months. Our event schedule currently includes a regional event in Santa Fe (June 18-21) and our annual convention in Nashville  (October 21-24). As we get closer to these individual events and evaluate the status of COVID-19 disruptions, we will make announcements about any changes to the schedule. Once we are on the back end of this pandemic, CJP members will strive to meet again and share hangar stories.

During this trying time, please continue to share information on the forums and call your fellow CJP members. CJP is not slowing down our safety and advocacy efforts, but instead ramping up activities. The Safety Committee continues to work on testing a FOQA program, the “What Good Looks Like” videos, companion training and more. Our advocacy efforts have increased as we are working with our partners and other aviation associations on issues that have surfaced due to travel and meeting restrictions. This includes, but is not limited to, deadlines and requirements for:

  • Medicals
  • Maintenance
  • Training
  • Programs
  • Insurance

We are anticipating determinations from the FAA soon, and I will report those as they become available. This information will be posted on the forums ( along with other timely partner updates addressing COVID-19.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any of your operational issues. I am here to help!

New Partner

CJP recently added Jeppesen as a new silver partner. See below for more details.

Please make sure to visit our valued partners’ websites and learn more about their offerings. A list of all CJP partners can be found here:

Silver Partner


For more than 80 years, Jeppesen has made it possible for pilots and their passengers to safely and efficiently reach their destinations. Today, this pioneering spirit continues as Jeppesen delivers transformative information and optimization solutions to improve the efficiency of air operations around the globe. Jeppesen is part of the Digital Solutions & Analytics business unit within Boeing Global Services. Boeing offers the industry’s largest portfolio of services, support and solutions, providing customers a competitive advantage by solving real operational problems, enabling better decisions, maximizing efficiency and improving environmental performance – intelligent information solutions across the entire aviation ecosystem.

For more than 80 years, Jeppesen and aviation have evolved together, continuing that evolution today as a key component of Boeing Global Services.

Since 1934, when Captain E.B. Jeppesen began selling the world’s first aviation navigation charts, the company that bears his name has evolved alongside — not in response to — aviation. We aren’t providers. We’re partners. We’re co-pilots. And just as it was with Captain Jeppesen, the spirit of pilot helping pilot guides everything we do.

A culture of quality drives a culture of trust

Companies don’t stay aloft as long as we have through transactions. Relationships drive our success, and we prove every day – around the world — that global doesn’t mean impersonal. The continuous conversations we have with our customers and other partners inform our pursuit and development of new and better ways to serve aviation. This results in products and services of the highest possible quality, informed, inspired and co-designed by those who ultimately use them.

As a company driving the digital aviation transformation, we are committed to seeing everything through the eyes of our customers. We develop a culture of trust within our organization and with our customers by improving what we do every step of the way. We promise to pursue quality in everything we do by ensuring:

  • We have the best team with the best skills.
  • We are all engaged in our commitment to doing what is right for our customers.
  • We take ownership of the work we do from beginning to end.
  • We support each other, from management to front-line contributor, to ensure only quality products and services are delivered to our customers.

Our future: Fearless innovation

We don’t know what the future will hold. We just know we’re ready to meet it.  From the first copy sold of Captain Jeppesen’s famed little black book to the advanced avionics, flight planning, and crew solutions we provide today, our products and services combine practicality with ingenuity. Our portfolio may change constantly, but our mindset doesn’t. Our dedicated employees are passionate about creating the future of digital aviation, together.

Our present: Constant collaboration

Aviation might not evolve as dramatically now as it did in 1934, but aviation technology continues to evolve at a breakneck pace. The map is never really drawn; instead, we’re always in the process of drawing it, with each iteration sharper in focus and more insightful. Our solutions are the result of truly understanding aviation and aviators. We don’t react to needs. We meet them proactively by partnering with you and leveraging our strong relationships with other leading aviation organizations.

Our past: Pioneers in the history of aviation

Our story started with Captain Jeppesen and his little black book. We began when aviation itself was very young, literally exploring uncharted territory and creating the foundation for safe, efficient predictable air travel as we know it. We never waited for “someone else” to do it and never will. Aviation is by definition a disruptive technology — something that, once introduced, makes everything before it outdated. We’ve got a proud history of being disruptive in the best possible way.