CEO Message

by Andrew Broom

CJP2016-Andrew Broom-LinkedIn-0916CJP continues to grow the number of partners offering products and services to Citation owners. These partners will also be exhibiting at the CJP Annual Convention at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs September 4-7. See below for more details about each company and its offerings.

  • Silver – Victory Aviation
  • Diamond – West Star
  • Patron – Advanced Aircrew Academy, Jet Aviation, Western Aircraft

Victory Aviation

Victory Aviation’s Marchetti S-211 jet training program is approved by the FAA and offers “Military Jet Skills for Any Aviator” including turbine high-performance, upset prevention/recovery UPRT, full checkout and S-211 FAA rating, jet solo and rental, and formation maneuvering.

Founders Tom Paquin and Chris Koelzer are former U.S. Marine Corps F/A-18 pilots who both went into business after leaving the active duty military. Chris stayed in aviation as a consultant and small business owner, while Tom started and sold two companies – leaders in renewable energy and Diesel Exhaust Fluid. They established Victory Aviation with a vision to leverage their career experiences as Marine officers and civilian business owners into building a family of companies, beginning with Victory Aviation.

Victory Aviation’s two S-211 aircraft are single-engine jet trainers manufactured in Italy in the mid-1980s, and formerly in service with the Royal Singapore Air Force. The S-211 uses a proven Pratt & Whitney JT-15D engine (also in Cessna Citations) and mostly American avionics. One aircraft has original military avionics, while the other is modified with the Garmin G3X and GTN750. They selected the S-211 for three important reasons:

  • QUALITY – The S-211’s Italian craftsmanship and NATO-standard components make it the most enjoyable and economical choice for jet training within a civilian environment in accordance with military standards.
  • SUPPORTABILITY – The Pratt and Whitney JT-15D-4C engine was also used in Citation business jets, with millions of hours of proven operation. And maintenance support for almost all S-211 components can be obtained at most civilian airports.
  • SAFETY – The quality and supportability, when combined with professional operational procedures and risk management, enables the high safety standards to which Victory is committed.

Importantly, the lessons that can be so effectively learned in an S-211 can be easily applied to ANY aircraft. Victory’s clients fly all types of aircraft – Citations, 777s, SR22s, homebuilt RVs, Cessnas, helicopters and more. Their S-211 training can challenge, stretch and improve any pilot’s skills, including stick-and-rudder, decision making, risk management, briefing/debriefing, etc.

Victory strives to go beyond any other training experiences, by challenging its clients to focus their aviation mindset in three areas:

  • VISION: Why are you flying this jet or any aircraft? Purpose? How does this influence your preferable future?
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: All pilots must willingly accept accountability for their actions, and be open to critique, real-time and in the debrief.
  • NORMALIZED EXCELLENCE: Excellence not just once, but habitually – or normalized, excellent performance. Many people accept “good” as “good enough,” but any pilot knows that at some point in your career, “good enough” WILL NOT BE GOOD ENOUGH. It might be a dark, stormy night trying to land on an aircraft carrier– or it might be a turbulent approach to minimums with passengers on board.

This “Victory Mindset” also applies to life in general – business, work, relationships, marriage, etc. The best way to ensure success in any human effort is through unswerving commitment to your team’s Vision, willingness to accept accountability and habitual normalized excellence. For more information visit:

West Star Aviation

Today, West Star Aviation represents the finest in aircraft maintenance services, with a long heritage of servicing all models of Citation aircraft.

The West Star Aviation brand signifies highly skilled and experienced specialized service in airframe and engine maintenance, major modifications, avionics installation and repair, interior refurbishment, paint, parts, surplus avionics sales, window repair, landing gear overhaul, and accessory services for most Citation aircraft and other airframes flying today.

In addition to its original East Alton, Illinois and Grand Junction, Colorado locations, West Star Aviation also maintains full-service MROs in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Perryville, Missouri as well as a nationwide network of satellite locations and affiliates.

West Star Aviation continues a long history in aviation beginning in 1947 (Walston Aviation) and was one of the first to service Citation operators and support the OEM Service Center network. Our dedicated Citation teams provide the highest level of service for our Citation customers. West Star works hard to develop and maintain lasting relationships with both the operators and the OEM, and services over 400 Citation aircraft per year.

  • FAA approved, trained, and experienced on the 500, 600 and 700 series Citations including Mustang, CJ Series, Sovereign, Latitude and Citation X
  • Structural and systems FAA-DER engineers on staff
  • FAA-DAR on staff
  • AOG parts support
  • Component and accessory overhaul and exchange
  • OEM authorized engine support including:
    • Honeywell TFE731 line service center
    • Pratt & Whitney JT-15D, PW530A, PW535, PW545, PW306C, PW615F
    • Williams FJ44
  • Interior, avionics and exterior paint capabilities

For more information visit:

Advanced Aircrew Academy

Advanced Aircrew Academy enables pilots to fulfill their training needs in the most efficient and affordable way – in any location at any time. We do this by providing high-quality training modules delivered via the web using a world-class online aviation training system. As technology, global standardization, safety awareness and security concerns continue to drive changes in our aviation operations, we strive to rapidly incorporate the latest information and aviation developments in our online modules.

At Advanced Aircrew Academy, we have streamlined the courseware development process: The subject matter expert is the courseware developer and “owns” the product using our state-of-the-art editing software to rapidly and accurately develop updated eLearning modules. The subject matter experts are trainers with extensive experience as professional pilots who share the ‘real’ information that can be used in the cockpit.

For more information visit:

Jet Aviation

Citation pilots and owners have access to Jet Aviation’s global network of FBO, maintenance, completions and refurbishment, aircraft charter, flight support solutions and staffing services. With close to 50 locations throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North America and the Caribbean, and nearly 4,800 employees, we are fully dedicated to meeting your aviation requirements to the highest standards and service levels.

For more information visit:

Western Aircraft

Based in Boise, Idaho Western Aircraft is one of the West’s largest aircraft service companies, offering maintenance, avionics, installations, interior refurbishments, aircraft sales, charter and management, parts distribution and fixed-base operations services.

Western Aircraft provides expanded MRO support for Cessna Citation 525 series, 550 series and 560XL series aircraft – including installation of Tamarack Winglets. A leading Citation maintenance service center and FAA Class 4 Aircraft Repair Station, Western’s Citation-experienced technicians provide a wide scope of services including pre-purchase evaluations, more than 20,000 line items of in-stock parts inventory, and 24/7/365 AOG support.

Save the date! On June 1, Western Aircraft will partner with Tamarack, Gogo Business Aviation and Atlantic Aviation FBO in Carlsbad, California to host an exclusive demo day. All in one place, you can learn about Gogo AVANCE technology, the latest in Citation maintenance and experience first-hand the performance of Tamarack’s ATLAS Active Winglets. To RSVP and schedule your demo, please contact Cheyenne via phone at 208.338.1832, or via email at

For more information visit: