by CJP Executive Director Jon “Huggy” Huggins

N510AZ is the registration of John Hayes’ aircraft. As John says:

“I bought my TBM700 from Don Baker, and it was N700ZZ. Well, no one was able to easily say “zero-zero-zulu-zulu” – not the pilots I flew with, not air traffic control. Everyone said I HAD to change it. I considered changing it to zero-zero-ALPHA-zulu, but I kept it on the TBM the entire time.

Photo by Jessica Ambats

Photo by Jessica Ambats

“Later, when I bought my Mustang, I decided to change it. However, instead of a “zero zero”, I became a “one zero” since my Mustang was already “N510″. I added the “AZ” which I had wanted on the old TBM, and N510AZ is the jet I have today.

“Additionally, since I spend half of my time in Arizona, the “AZ” gives me a nice tip-of-the-hat to the state I often fly it to.”

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