By Howard Tobin

A lot of people ask us about the logo on the tail of 41GT. Although obvious to us, not everyone recognizes that it is actually two faces; the one on the left is Gail, and the white silhouette in the center is nobody in particular.

CJP-N41GT-Tail Tales

Now where did 41GT come from? When we got the plane in 1992, I wanted Gail’s initials on it so we applied for 1GT. Of course Gail is #1. It was granted and we had the plane painted with N1GT on the tail.

Shortly after, we got a letter from the FAA telling us they had made a mistake in issuing 1GT since it had been previously reserved by General Telephone (now Verizon). Of course, I immediately realized that we couldn’t afford to do battle with General Telephone. Since I liked to think that we had gotten the plane for (4) Gail, we switched to N41GT!

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