By Rob Finfrock

If you have ever thought about the possibility of hosting a CJP regional event, Park City host Chuck Brady has just two words of advice for you: do it!


“Cyrus [Sigari] mentioned some time ago they were considering an event in Park City,” explained Brady, who lives part-time in the picturesque town. “I was excited because it’s truly a great location for such an event, and I basically begged him to ‘please, please, please’ let me host once those plans were finalized.”

In the months of planning ahead of the Park City gathering, Brady said his most important role was that of a consultant to organizers Sigari and Jade Duckart. “They had the high-level concepts: the base schedule, the hotel planning,” he added. “They clearly know what they’re doing, but they also asked me for feedback on whether their plans were on target. And they pretty much nailed it from the get-go.”

Brady’s input also resulted to two special distinctions for the Park City regional event, one being a “Make Your Own Ski Pole” seminar that offered attendees a custom made set of “Soul Poles” as a memorable, handmade memento of their trip.

CJP-PC-brady“I also follow a local music group which does a lot of private events,” he added. “The lead singer performed an acoustic set during the cocktail hour at [Textron Aviation CEO] Scott Ernest’s house.”

Perhaps most importantly, hosting the Park City event also offered Brady (shown above, left) the invaluable opportunity to “meet every individual there, and learn more about them.

“I’m not sure I’d be ready to do it all again next year, but definitely the year after that,” Brady quipped. “Looking back, there really wasn’t a lot of time involved from my perspective. The secret to such a successful event was Cyrus and Jade’s work, without question. They do all the hard, not-fun stuff. They’ve perfected what it takes for the host to handle the fun parts.”