By CJP Chairman Mark Aloe

CJP-Mark AloeAs I look out the window in Pennsylvania at the deep layer of snow on the ground that simply refuses to go away, I must admit I’m greatly looking forward to the warmth of springtime… perhaps even more so than usual. That isn’t to say that winter is without its charms, as attendees of our first CJP Regional Event of 2015 will certainly attest.

Our January gathering in Park City, UT was a tremendous success, and in particular, I would like to thank Textron Aviation President and CEO Scott Ernest for his incredible hospitality in hosting a fine dinner at his home. It was also wonderful to spend time with Jenny Wagner, of the Wagner Family of Wines, during a wine tasting event at the St. Regis.

The changing of seasons offers CJP the opportunity to highlight our commitment to ensuring Citation pilots remain among the safest pilots of turbine aircraft around. Safety was a key theme in Park City, as well as during CJP’s recent participation in the Airborne Weather Radar Seminar held in early February in Naples, FL.

As the title implies, the advantages and limitations of onboard weather radar and forecasting resources were primary topics of this free seminar held in conjunction between CJP, Eagle Creek Aviation and the Naples Jet Center. CJP was also proud to join with the Phenom Jet Association in sponsoring this event; we may fly different types of aircraft, but as you know those differences fade when soaring in the flight levels, and I look forward to similar opportunities to educate and inform our shared aviation community.

The two-day event provided pilots with the opportunity to discuss other issues as well, including operational concerns of great importance to the light jet community. CJP Executive Director Col. Jon “Huggy” Huggins was a featured presenter at this event, discussing the lessons and experiences he drew from his time as a U-2 pilot that apply to all pilots, flying any aircraft.

Speaking of Huggy, we have been keeping him quite busy over the past 120 days as he continues to meet and interact with CJP members. The Executive Committee is pleased with his progress and the “hands-on” approach he’s taken in the discussion of the future direction for CJP. We’re currently at work in reviewing our Sponsor program in 2015, with the goal of continuing our longstanding partnerships with these esteemed organizations.

Another topic is the much-requested overhaul of the CJP website. I’m happy to report that we’re testing the new site now, with a target for rollout sometime in the next quarter.

Mustang sillhouette

Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention the fantastic work of Tracy Forrest, Steve Vollum, and the team from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, in bringing our long-awaited Russ Meyer Citation Library (RMCL) to fruition. At this writing, they have added in excess of 500 articles to the site, which is now undergoing beta testing and final refinement. Steve has helpfully provided an update on this progress, and we look forward to offering the opportunity for more CJP Members to experience the benefits of this project for themselves in the near future.

Springtime represents renewed focus and opportunities, and the chance to accomplish important tasks and reach for new goals. I look forward to the progress our Association will make in the months ahead, and to seeing you at our next CJP regional event in New Orleans at the end of April!