Chair’s Message: Our Convention, Annual Auctions and Governance

by CJP Chair Randy Broiles

Randy Broiles 1

I’ll start with a heartfelt “thank you” from the entire CJP Board to all owner members who donated their aircraft, fuel and time to safely and comfortably transport young, Special Olympics athletes from across the country to, and from, Orlando during June. Amazingly, CJP owner member aircraft made up about half of the 128 aircraft in this year’s Special Olympic fleet. Very nicely done!

As we look toward the remaining months of 2022, I’ll focus on our upcoming convention with an appeal for your important auction donations. In addition, I’ll summarize the upcoming vacancies expected in our next annual director election and encourage members to consider serving CJP on one of several CJP committees.

Annual Convention and Auctions

Our annual convention in Austin, TX is racing toward us on October 26-29. The CJP staff and Alberts team are working hard to provide our “best yet” convention experience for CJP members. This year, we have much richer aviation and Citation-specific safety and operations content. Numerous opportunities to interact and learn from other owner members, as well as CJP sponsors/partners, will be available as always!

We also plan to separate the exciting Textron Aviation-sponsored Keith Urban concert, scheduled on Thursday evening, from our annual live and silent auction on Friday evening. Convention registration is on our website and our blocked hotel rooms at the downtown JW Marriott are moving briskly.

Our live/silent auctions are among our most important revenue sources. We welcome, and sincerely appreciate, member and sponsor/partner donations. In particular, experiences such as long weekends in the mountains, on a beach, lake, ranch, golf course, or big city apartment; flying, yachting, driving, fishing, hunting, golfing, food/wine experiences; and tickets to sports, cultural & concert events are terrific auction items. Aviation equipment, paint & interiors, avionics and other aircraft services are also of keen interest to owner members.

And, heartfelt thanks in advance for your support of the CJP Association & Foundation as we continue to serve members by focusing on safety, O&M, advocacy, interactions and our aviation communities. Please contact Liz Nixon if you’re considering donating an auction item!

CJP Governance and Director Openings

As usual, our election to fill anticipated director positions will occur during our annual convention. This year we have directors who are eligible for a renewed three-year term as well as vacancies created by directors who have chosen to step aside, in good standing, within their normal three-year term. Chick Gregg, our current Treasurer, and Kirk Samuelson, a former Chair, are stepping down from the board after several years of admirable CJP service.

As Treasurer, Chick provided appropriate oversight, working closely with Cheryl, of our financial books and records while also contributing to prudent, consistent development of our future annual budgets. Kirk was instrumental in the formation of our Safety Committee and the Foundation during his tenure as Vice Chair, Chair and Past Chair as well as helping develop a then-new CEO in Andrew Broom. We offer a heartfelt thank you and debt of gratitude to both. CJP is stronger today because of Chick and Kirk’s contributions and leadership.

Several years ago, the board began placing more emphasis on organizational leadership, sustainability and continuity as we’ve continued to grow membership and programs. In general, owner members with interest in serving CJP are encouraged to initially serve on committees to contribute in areas where they have interest as they become more familiar with CJP opportunities, processes and budgets.

These committee assignments have also been very helpful in identifying individuals who demonstrate the commitment to consistently participate, contribute and have a longer term interest in serving CJP. We invite those owner members interested in serving CJP, on a committee or board, to speak with Trent or any CJP owner director. They will in turn forward that interest to the Board’s nominating and governance committee.

CJP Board of Directors. Photo by Peter Stratton

CJP 2021 Board of Directors. Photo by Peter Stratton

In the meantime, expect to soon receive board-supported director nominees behind Chick and Kirk as well as nominees for renewed board terms with an opportunity for owner members to also self-nominate, as provided in our bylaws.