CJP Cancels 2020 Annual Convention

aboodby Tom Abood

In case you missed my previous briefing released on July 20, please continue reading below. More information on a potential virtual convention will be announced in the coming weeks.

CJP has canceled the 2020 CJP Annual Convention that was scheduled from October 21-24 in Nashville, Tennessee.

In April, the CJP Board appointed a special committee to monitor and evaluate planning for a convention in view of the pandemic. The special committee met weekly from that time and continued to evaluate scenarios for an in-person event since COVID-19 started disrupting our daily lives and travel plans. Up until late June the committee was hopeful for an in-person event. Unfortunately, the environment nationally and in Tennessee has not provided the basis to continue with that hope. For example, Nashville is currently under restrictions which prohibit gatherings like our convention, and there is no clear indication of when conditions will permit lifting of those restrictions. Also, many of our partners are not able to participate.

The CJP board and staff have considered possible social distancing practices and requirements towards making this decision with relevant data at the latest possible date to preserve the potential for a convention. We are now just over 90 days from the convention, which has been a gating point for decisions on other large aviation related gatherings, and hence the reason for our go/no go decision now.

Since cancellation has been a consideration, the special committee and staff took steps some time ago to minimize the financial impact to CJP from a canceled convention.

Further, due to years of fiscal prudence by CJP boards and management, CJP has more than adequate reserves to absorb the large loss from lost revenues from this year’s cancellation.

A silver lining in this cloud is the potential for a “virtual” convention. Our team is evaluating opportunities to deliver high-quality safety content, partner updates, an online auction and operational breakouts electronically, so please keep the October 21-24 dates on your calendars as a possible virtual convention or series of webinars. We will provide details on this as we develop more information and if we decide to move forward with this concept.

In-person meetings and events are integral to the fabric and fellowship of CJP. Gathering with fellow Citation aviators at our convention is a highlight of the year for me. As soon as “weather” permits, I know we will be back to sharing stories and operational information with each other in person.

Andrew is available to talk to members about their thoughts and suggestions and will reach out to each partner with additional promotional opportunities.

I wish you all good health and safe flying.