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CJP2016-Andrew Broom-LinkedIn-0916by Andrew Broom

We were all hoping for the ability to meet in-person later this year during the convention, but as Tom discussed in the Chairman’s column, we are unable to proceed. As soon as there are opportunities for CJP members to get together, we will be ready and act quickly.

In the meantime, please continue to watch the safety videos ( and share your thoughts and comments on the forums. I often hear from members that they monitor the forums, but do not post. No matter your experience level, the forums are a great way to share information and stories with other members.

Also, make sure to visit our valued partners websites and learn more about their offerings. All the CJP partners are listed here:

CJP is pleased to welcome a new patron partner: Ortega Aviation Services. Below are the company details.

Ortega Aviation Services

Ortega Aviation Services was founded with an emphasis on:

  1. Ground training for pilot certificates and ratings
  2. Flight review and instrument proficiency checks
  3. Part 107 Drone Pilot training
  4. Digital (glass panel) transition
  5. High performance and complex systems training
  6. Pre-Buy Inspections, Document Review, Maintenance Program Review and Management.
  7. In-Aircraft Companion Training

Ortega Aviation Services offers in-plane training for initial and recurrent courses for the CE510 and CE525 series. Additionally, check rides for certification, both single pilot and crew; and, 61.58’s are offered for the CE510 Mustang. The check rides and training can be done in Wichita or at your home base. OAS can also assist in maintaining the Gold Standard with six (6) hours of Citation dual instruction.

The classrooms at OAS were designed to offer a professional venue for course presentations to support an interactive learning environment. Classrooms are equipped with overhead projectors, Smart Boards, computers and large display units.

Ortega Aviation Services customer base includes individuals, as well as groups supported by corporate benefits for ground training. Also, government entities and flying clubs who wish to see it as an attraction for increased membership. UAS Part 107 classes is offered for those customers such as small towns and municipalities who may have a need to use drones for civic observation for engineers and first responders. OAS also offers STEM training for school teachers who have a desire to teach this course. Teachers have the opportunity to use a virtual flight simulator to apply what was learned in the classroom. Our flying companion course will also be offered allowing participants a better understanding of how an airplane flies, basic systems integration and ATC communications. Use of the virtual flight simulator will increase confidence in the actual airplane. OAS also has flight instructor contacts if the flying companion would like flight training in their personal or rental aircraft.

Kirby Ortega

Kirby Ortega is currently Chief Pilot for an Aircraft Management organization in Wichita, flying Citations, Conquests, and Caravans. He also mentors pilots in their own airplanes.

Kirby started flying as a teenager in Kansas, then worked as a pilot for Cessna Aircraft for 29 years. He flew hundreds of customers and press demo flights, in everything from the Skycatcher to the Citation X. During his time at Cessna, he conducted Caravan operations in 90 different countries. He assisted in writing the single-engine operations manual used by Cessna today, and has also written articles for Flying, AOPA and Cessna Owner’s magazines.

He’s an FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor, a two-term NAFI Master Flight Instructor, and an FAA FAAST Team member. He was the FAA National Flight Instructor of the Year in 2002, and was inducted into the NAFI National Hall of Fame in 2014. He has more than 26,500 accident/incident-free flight hours logged, and he’s given more than 15,700 hours of dual instruction.

Teresa Ortega

With 25 years of experience in the aviation industry working as a maintenance program sales director, Teresa has developed a list of many domestic and international clients with which she consults for today concerning their maintenance program needs. She also handles pre-buy inspections, aircraft with ferry requirements and all other facets of aircraft selling from one party to another. With a unique background in program management as well as a passion for aviation, Teresa has created her own company that specializes in offering LIVE ground schools to pilots, teachers and others who have an interest in specialized training such as drones.

Operating from a dedicated stand-alone building with modern classrooms designed for a creative learning environment, Teresa, Managing Partner for Ortega Aviation Services, has always felt that there is a need to offer live ground presentations to help others achieve their aviation goals. As a commercial pilot with both instrument and multi-engine ratings, she understands the aviation passion any enjoys fostering that in others. Not to be omitted, her vast knowledge in the maintenance area is a true asset to jet owners and operators alike. OAS was specifically created to offer quality training, aircraft ownership and guidance for “the rest of us.”

For more information visit