LK PictureFive Minutes with Larry King 

  • CJP Member Since: 2009
  • Occupation: Retired. Sold company in 2016 after 37 years.
  • Current Aircraft: Cessna Citation M2 525-877. N921XT
  • Home Base: KHQZ
  • Number of Years Flying: 13
  • Total Time: 1,650 hours
  1. Can you describe your introduction to aviation?

I had pilot friends, but I was always afraid to find out the hard way whether I wasn’t a good pilot. Then I went on an Alaskan cruise in 2005 and took a float plane trip where I got to sit in the front. I told myself, “I can do that” and never looked back. I have also owned a Super Decathlon, Husky Amphibious, Cirrus SR22T, Waco, Mustang and now an M2.

  1. What led to your purchase of a Citation? Your typical mission?

I bought a 182 for my private training and upgraded to a 206 for my instrument rating. While I was picking up my 206 in Independence, they gave me a test flight in one of the first Mustangs. I said to myself, “I have to get one of those.” I bought a Mustang position with my only having 200 hours of total (piston) time, hired a full-time mentor pilot for three years and got my single-pilot rating only when I was really ready to do so. We have homes in Dallas and Park City, Utah, and that is a common mission for us.


  1. How does Citation ownership benefit and enhance your life?

My daily life, self-pride and challenges are all surrounded deeply by flying. Most of my best friends are pilots, and our first thought on where to go next is based on our M2 capabilities. Aviation has become a big part of our lives. My wife Judy goes to ground school each year, does pinch hitter and lands in the plane and in SIM training. She rides right seat when she is with me, and knows enough to help and question if things don’t feel the way they should to her. She has been an integral part of this round the world (RTW) trip.

  1. You are currently participating in the “Around the World” journey – can you tell us specifics about the trip?

This Air journey trip has three M2s, one CJ3+ and one Phenom 300. It is 70 days total, starting in Canada and going eastbound until ending in Seattle. Our RTW trip started and will end in Dallas. We have approximately 25 incredible and interesting locations, staying two to three days each on average.

  1. What has been the most memorable experience of the journey thus far?

The trip has been packed with so many great experiences; it’s been a bit hard to keep them all clear or prioritize them. While we had been to a third of the stops already in our travels, another third were wish-list locations, and the final third I had never even heard of before. I think the places I never heard of or wished to go have been the most memorable. The memories I will keep the longest are those from the relationships and funny moments we have had with the group, whom we didn’t know prior to the trip.