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EASA Validation Announced for the Cessna Mustang Upgrade to Concorde Battery RG-390E/30 Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

concordeWest Covina, CA, April 23, 2018 – Concorde Battery Corporation is pleased to announce EASA Validation for RG-390E/30 to be installed on the Cessna 510 Mustang. EASA STC 10065246 and FAA Approval (STC SA02653LA) replaces the original equipment battery with a 30-ampere hour drop in replacement that is 5 pounds lighter.

Mustang operators will benefit from the direct replacement of the original equipment battery with the RG-390E/30. The prolonged service life and extended maintenance intervals of the RG-390E/30 battery is a result of enhanced plate design and a proprietary PolyGuard separator system. Operators will realize longer life as a result of the technology used in the RG-390E/30. Additionally, the robust design extends the inspection interval with initial inspection required at 12 months or 1000 hours in service and subsequent capacity tests at six months or 500 hours, when initial capacity exceeds 90%.

The RG-390E/30 is FAA TSO-C173a authorized, confirming that the battery meets the Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS) set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA) in DO-293A and is FAA PMA Certified and now EASA Validated specifically for the Cessna Mustang.

Concorde Battery RG-390E_30 for Cessna MustangConcorde’s Platinum Series Batteries are designed and manufactured with advanced lead acid technology. They are the preferred choice of airframe manufacturers and end users with a history of dependable starting performance in temperatures ranging from ‐40° to 71°C, longer battery life, and extra reserve capacity in the case of a generator failure.

Established in 1977, Concorde Battery Corporation is committed to standards of excellence in safety, reliability and longevity that have been sustained over 40 years in business. Concorde is dedicated to providing the highest quality lead acid battery solution and world class customer support.

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