Any resemblance to Howard Tobin's egg timer is coincidental.FIVE MINUTES WITH… 

Yannis Arvanitis

YannisCJP Member Since: 2017
Occupation: Technology consultant, semi-retired
Spouse/Partner: Newenka DuMont
Current Aircraft: 2005 CJ3 and 1997 Baron 58
Home base: Chicago
Number of years flying: 35 (but with 10 years “off” in the middle)
Total time: 2,830 hours

1. Can you describe your introduction to general aviation?

I grew up along an approach path to ORD and have been fascinated by airplanes from an early age. I decided to learn to fly in between college graduation and starting my ‘real job.’ I spent that summer working near the airport to fund my private certificate and was able to complete it in a Cessna 152 at Chicago’s Midway airport.

2. Can you tell us about the development of the CJP weight and balance app? 

The idea came about after I chimed in on a weight and balance question. Marc Dulude asked about the tool that I was using which led to discussion about how it might be nice to have a tool that made it easy for CJP members to do weight and balance for their own airplanes (and perhaps other Citations they might be considering).

Since my Part 135 (charter) weight and balance app was designed to be fleet-oriented and already had a number of Citation profiles, it was a natural fit for creating a “CJP fleet” that we hope to continue to grow. One feature of the app that I feel is particularly useful to pilots new to an aircraft is the ability to ‘drag’ loads around to explore how the CG is affected by changes in aircraft loading.

3. What do you enjoy most about the Citation?

In my opinion, Citations should be considered an addictive drug. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to give up the speed, power, smoothness and view out the front windows!

4. What do you find is the most valuable part of being a CJP member?

The camaraderie with owners and pilots that share the passion and understand the issues associated with owning and flying a jet. The wealth of experience and knowledge in the member community is incredibly rich, diverse and deep. Almost every post and interaction teaches or challenges me to explore an area or topic. Or simply helps me better appreciate the good fortune that I have to be flying one of these wonderful machines. These are followed closely, of course, by Howard’s famous egg timer!

5. Can you describe one of your most memorable trips in the Citation?

A recent trip to Alaska to visit our daughter in Seward, a gorgeous region. On the flight in from Anchorage, we did a scenic tour of an ice field, some fjords and glaciers, and then headed up through Resurrection Bay into Seward. It was a memorable flight and I happened to be testing out my new GoPro and managed to capture it all from the cockpit. Since even our best flying friends will complain about watching a 30-minute flight video, I worked it down to around four minutes which I still find fun to watch: (video link).