By Rob Finfrock

As most Citation pilots know, Cessna’s vaunted line of business aircraft perform a variety of roles in addition to being the most popular line of personal and business jets of all time, most notably serving as surveillance and transport aircraft in the U.S. armed forces. What you may not know, however, is that Citations are also flying in commercial airline operations.

A Cessna Citation CJ4 operated in scheduled service by Germany's Hahn Air Lines.

A Cessna Citation CJ4 operated in scheduled service by Germany’s Hahn Air Lines.

Germany’s Hahn Air recently earned authorization by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to operate two Citation CJ4s on scheduled airline service between Dusseldorf and Luxembourg. While the jets are largely indistinguishable from regular CJ4s, Hahn’s birds are equipped with lockable cockpit doors, emergency lighting, and passenger safety briefing cards. Scheduled flights must also be operated by a two-person flight crew.

Company officials note this is the first time a business jet in the CJ4’s class has been approved for commercial airline service.

Interior of a Hahn Air Lines CJ4

Interior of a Hahn Air Lines CJ4

Hahn Air Lines was founded in 1994 as an independent regional carrier operating on domestic German routes. The airline derives its name from the former Hanh Air Base, now known as Frankfurt Hahn Airport. The airline originally launched operations with Fairchild Dornier Metroliner twin-turboprop aircraft.