By Anna Robinson, 2014 Bob Hoover Presidential Scholarship recipient

Hello CJP! This past semester has flown by it seems! Since January, I have been on internship with United Airlines in Denver, CO. I worked there for almost four months as a Flight Ops Intern in the Chief Pilot Office, assisting with projects, doing research and writing reports, and touring the company department by department. I had a fantastic time and my boss was a true mentor, encouraging me to learn and experience as much as possible in my short time with the company.

CJP-Golden Gate Bridge-Anna Robinson-0715

In addition to my daily work, I got to interact with their Training Center – which is called TK for short (although no one really knows why – they suspect Training & Knowledge) – and the three other interns located there. It is one of the few locations at United where there are multiple Flight Ops interns, so that was a nice feature. Among those TK interns was Yann Bosch, whom I’m sure you all know. It was a beautiful city and a perfect location for the internship.

One of my favorite parts of my time with United was the weekends, though. As employees we were allowed pass travel benefits so every Friday after work (save one weekend when we got snowed-in in Denver) I would hop on a plane and travel. A few of the places I went were Sydney, Australia, Maui, San Francisco, Scotland, New York, and LA to name a few. I was privileged to travel over 81,000 miles and spend more than 200 hours in an airplane since the start of my internship. I’m a travel nut so I loved every taste of the world I got. My mom got to share in the adventures, too, as my enrolled friend. Her favorite place was Scotland – she’s always wanted to go there, and I’m happy to have shared part of that experience with her.

CJP-Scotland-Anna Robinson-0715

Now that Spring semester is over and the fun from New Orleans is winding down, I am back in Daytona taking summer courses and flight training to finish my CFI. I am also blessed to be back at my two jobs on campus as a Dispatcher and Student Assistant at the FAA Testing Center. I can’t wait to get back in the swing of things and I am SO excited about going to AirVenture with you all! It will be my first time at the famous airshow, and I am so grateful and excited to experience it as your scholar.

CJP-787 Dreamliner Flight Deck-Anna Robinson-0715

I look forward to future adventures with you all! Best Wishes and Blue Skies!!

(Anna was one of four recipients of the 2014 Bob Hoover Presidential Scholarship, awarded last October by the Bob Hoover Legacy Foundation and CJP during a reception at Embry-Riddle’s Daytona Beach campus. – Ed.)