CJP-Rob FinfrockCJP is pleased to welcome freelance aviation writer Rob Finfrock to our team as the new editor of “Flight Levels,” where he is responsible for returning the organization’s bimonthly newsletter to regular publication, beginning with this issue.

Rob was introduced to general aviation from the right seat of a “rather tired” Cessna 310Q freighter on a flight from Albuquerque, NM up to the Four Corners region in August 2002. “The courier company I worked for at the time needed me to cover a ground route, and that was the quickest way to get me up there,” Rob explained. “Before that flight, I had never been in an aircraft smaller than a 737… but from the moment we lifted off from Runway 3 at KABQ, I knew I wanted to learn how to do that for myself.”

That flight also led to Rob’s present career in the aviation industry, which began after he answered a request for “stringers” to help cover AirVenture 2005 for an online news organization. “My time at Oshkosh led to a job offer to begin writing about aviation professionally,” he added. “I spent the next 3 1/2 years reporting daily on matters important to the general aviation, commercial airline, business aviation, and aerospace communities.”

Today, Rob writes for organizations including the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and Aviation International News (AIN). He is also a certificated sport pilot, who enjoys plying across the skies over the Land of Enchantment – New Mexico – in a Remos GX LSA.