Garmin Unveils New Runway Analysis Service for Citation Pilots

Garmin recently introduced a new Runway Analysis service from AeroData embedded into the flight planning process within, allowing pilots of most popular Citation models to precisely calculate runway performance while reducing time and errors associated with manual calculations.

CJP Garmin FltPlancom Runway Analysis Service 1

From a desktop computer, the flight planning engine automatically selects a preferred runway and aircraft configuration based on current aircraft and airport conditions using the current METAR or TAF for the time of departure. Crews can manually override these automatic selections based on additional information and/or scenario planning.

Additional features of the Runway Analysis service include engine-out escape procedures that factor in obstacles and terrain, the ability to specifically configure Takeoff-and-Landing Data (TOLD) based on conditions and limitations, automatically calculate aircraft fuel requirements based on the flight plan and more.

Garmin notes the new service assists Citation pilots with following standard operating practices while also accounting for multiple variables, such as runway direction, surface contaminant, runway length, winds, temperature, altimeter setting, aircraft flap configuration and Minimum Equipment List (MEL) penalties. The service also helps pilots adjust and adapt quickly in dynamically changing weather conditions.

The AeroData Runway Analysis service is available for Citations ranging from the C510 Mustang and C525 CitationJet models, up to the C700 Longitude. Two service levels are available, with runway analysis available for an annual fee of $449 per aircraft and runway analysis and obstacle clearance considerations for $995 per aircraft. AeroData runway analysis joins two existing runway analysis services within from both Aircraft Performance Group (APG) and Automated Systems in Aircraft Performance (ASAP).

CJP members may sign up at this link to learn more about this service and its applicability to their aircraft. Garmin will also host a live, online Runway Analysis demonstration on Wednesday, March 3 at 1 pm EST to further illustrate the features and benefits of this service. Registration for this event is available here.