Chairman’s Message: CJP Board Focused on Safety, Advocacy and Insurance Concerns in 2021

by CJP Chairman Randy Broiles

Randy Broiles 1On behalf of your CJP board & staff, Happy New Year to our friends & members!

The January/February CJP board meeting has historically been among our most important meetings of the year as we assess our previous year’s results, set direction & priorities for the new year along with a supporting budget for implementation. Remaining board meetings then help us gauge our progress and allow us to adjust along the way.

With our first CJP 2021 Zoom board meeting completed in January, I wanted to summarize a few headlines. Some of these activities are near term and some will require more time to develop; but all are aligned with CJP’s four core objectives: safety, advocacy, interaction and philanthropy.


CJP members likely know that runway excursions represent the highest portion of all accidents/incidents for C525’s (at 46%) and C510’s (at 33%) from 2008-2020. Among the most important items that the board continues to support in 2021 is FOQA (Flight Operations Quality Assurance) to minimize these occurrences.

The CJP Safety Committee proposed a FOQA program soon after their formation. The committee is now preparing to test a variety of hardware & software solutions to gather more granular flight data for each of our aircraft cockpit types. The beta test will do it in a way which minimizes costs and pilot interaction requirements in the process.

The additional secure flight data obtained for every approach and landing will be insightful for individual members who choose to participate. When consolidated with other Citation data, the benefits are magnified by sharing with other CJP owner members and our training providers. As the airlines, military and large flight departments have demonstrated, FOQA is a key element to reduce runway excursion risks.


With the aircraft insurance market as unsettled as it has become, your board agreed to support the formation of a CJP Insurance Task Force dedicated to exploring the possibility of using a captive or cooperative aircraft insurance alternative. The hope and objective is for aircraft owners to have other alternatives to consider alongside more conventional product offerings from brokers and underwriters.

CJP-Citation M2-Garmin G3000-0516

Your CJP Advocacy Committee also continues to be engaged with OEM’s and service providers as they seek improved products, support and pricing. Expect the long-awaited Garmin G3000 v4.8 as well as Collins Fusion for CJ1+/2+ to be approved for release in the next several weeks. Not surprisingly, both products experienced delays associated with COVID.

As ever, you’ll be happy to know that Textron Aviation continues to listen carefully, improving on what is already industry leading product support.


Your CJP Interaction Committee has started early planning for our 2021 Convention to be hosted near Palm Springs on October 20-23. As always, there will be rich content and something for everyone. Like last year, if the COVID threat remains significant, we’ll be prepared to adjust using a virtual convention.

CJP 2021 Convention Indian Wells Logo


Lastly, your philanthropy committee continues to support several bright, deserving aviation students in the form of CJP scholarships. One of these in 2021 was designated in memory of Tracy Forrest, as you’ll see elsewhere in this issue of “Flight Levels.”

Stay tuned for more! The CJP board & staff wish everyone safe flying and a healthy, happy & prosperous 2021… and we all look forward to more “normalcy” as the year progresses.