CEO Update: CJP Adds New Training Partner, Member Group in New Year

by CJP Chief Executive Officer Andrew Broom

CJP2016-Andrew Broom-LinkedIn-0916While the first half of this year is not looking favorable, CJP is ready to resume in-person meetings/gatherings as soon as possible. We will look for opportunities for small member dinners and training events.

Our first regional event for 2021 is currently planned for June 16-19 in Santa Fe, New Mexico and we will share more information as the possibility of holding this event becomes clearer. CJP is also deep into the planning for our annual convention in Indian wells, California from October 20-24. We truly look forward to seeing you later this year.

CJP Companions Facebook Group

We recently created the CJP Companions private group on Facebook. This is an opportunity to facilitate social interaction and sharing of information to enhance the CJP companion experience. Please encourage your Companion to join at

CJP Companions Facebook FB Page

Some of the benefits of this exclusive group include:

  • Social interaction, photography and videos – flying, dogs, children, etc.
  • Great trips and adventures – feedback on where to stay, best airports, beaches, skiing, restaurants, etc.
  • CJP events (convention, regional events, member dinners) – tips about weather, clothing, restaurants, activities, small group outings, shopping trips, must see local exploration, and more
  • Training – companion training feedback

This Group will be moderated, and inappropriate content will be removed. Focus is on the above content and sharing with each other. Please continue to use the CJP Forums to discuss aircraft-specific issues.

The CJP Companion Group is private and meant for CJP member companions to connect, share useful information and grow friendships. It will also provide feedback directly to CJP to enhance the Companions’ experience. Once you join, Group interactions will appear directly on your own Facebook feed, but will be private to members only. You may opt out at any time.

New CJP Partner: ATP Flight School

CJP recently added ATP Flight School as a new patron partner. Training professional pilots since 1982, ATP is the nation’s largest flight school, providing students with the most efficient path to a successful airline pilot career. ATP continues to be the leader in professional flight training and supplying pilots to regional and major airlines.

CJP ATP Flight School Logo

Below are details of the ATP Certification Training Program (CTP) that qualifies for the last criteria of the CJP Gold Standard Safety Award.

The ATP Certification Training Program (ATP CTP) consists of four days of virtual training, and three days of onsite training in Dallas, allowing participants to save hundreds on hotel, car rental, and meal expenses compared to longer courses.

  • 4 Hours Fixed-Base Training Device
  • 6 Hours Full-Motion Simulator
  • Full Financing Available + GI Bill® Eligible
  • Alumni Discount Available
  • FAA Approved
  • $3,395 – Special Discounted Price for CJP Members
  • Add $200 for ATM Knowledge Prep & Test

With over 7,000 successful ATP CTP graduates, ATP is the nation’s leader in ATP certification. The ATP CTP is the most efficient way to gain eligibility for the ATP Multi-Engine (ATM) knowledge test and pursue Airline Transport Pilot certification.

Participate in four days of instructor-led virtual ground, then spend only three days in Dallas, TX completing simulator and FTD training. Save time away from home and reduce travel costs with ATP’s combination of virtual and in-person learning and start taking your qualifications to the next level.


In preparation for the FAA’s highest certificate, training will cover aerodynamics, automation, adverse weather conditions, air carrier operations, transport airplane performance, professionalism, and leadership and development.


This program meets the requirements of FAR 61.156. It bridges the knowledge gap between a pilot who holds a commercial pilot certificate and a pilot operating in an air carrier environment. Successful completion of the ATP CTP will ensure an ATP applicant receives the baseline knowledge and experience to prepare them for the duties, responsibilities, and challenges of an air carrier environment.

ATP Photo

ATP Photo

Virtual Ground School – From your home, attend 30 hours of instructor-led virtual ground school on:

  • Aerodynamics (8 hours)
  • Meteorology (2 hours)
  • Air Carrier Operations (14 hours)
  • Leadership & CRM (6 hours)

FSTD Training – 4 hours of fixed-base training device (FSTD) training will include:

  • Navigation and flight management systems
  • Automation including autoflight

Full Flight Simulator Training – 6 hours of full flight simulator training will include:

  • Low energy states/stalls
  • Upset recovery techniques
  • Adverse weather conditions, including icing, thunderstorms, and crosswinds with gusts


DAYS 1-4 – Virtual Ground School: From your home, attend 30 hours of instructor-led virtual ground school on aerodynamics, high altitude operations, air carrier operations, weather phenomena and weather detection systems, leadership, professional development, crew resource management, and safety culture. Ground school start time is 0800 CT.

DAY 5 – Travel: Travel to Dallas, TX. FTD/Simulator training will be at ATP Jets and/or Avenger Flight Group.

DAYS 6-7 – FTD / Simulator: FTD training will include 4 hours of training in a fixed-base training device, with instruction on navigation, flight management systems, and automation. Simulator training includes a total of 6 hours in a full-motion simulator, with instruction on low energy states/stalls, upset recovery techniques, and adverse weather conditions. Airline training centers operate 24/7.

Expect your FTD/Simulator sessions to be scheduled any time of day or night, just like airline training.

Note: You may register for and take the ATM Knowledge Test at any time after you receive your CTP Graduation Certificate.

Prerequisites – To be eligible for this program you must:

  • Hold a Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • Hold an Airplane Multiengine Land Rating
  • Hold an Instrument Airplane Rating
  • Read, speak, write, and understand the English language
  • Be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident

Visit or call 904-595-7950 for more details.

Note: 14 CFR part 142 programs provided by ATP Jet Simulation, Inc.

Please make sure to visit our valued partners websites and learn more about their offerings. All the CJP partners are listed at Additionally, details of the numerous CJP member benefits available may be found on our website at ABOUT CJP > MEMBER BENEFITS, or by clicking