CJP Forum Receives Update – FAQs

What were the goals behind undergoing the update?

The major goal behind the update was to keep the forum software up to date from the developers that write the core of the forum software. We also sought to implement changes and tweaks to make the user experience of the forums all around a better experience.

Can you summarize the main updates/changes to the forum?

  • Update the forum software to be more current with the developers’ latest version.
  • Implement a single design that was user-friendly on all devices from mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.
  • Remove/rearrange advertisements so that they were more friendly with the website layout.
  • Login simplification. Now the website and the forums use the same login. While the old site, the website logged the user into the forums behind the scenes.
  • Simplified search functionality.

Any new features/capabilities members can be excited to utilize?

Most of the update was about usability, quicker, cleaner interfaces with dynamic designs that worked for all devices. But one feature that did get added was a simplified search. You can now use the simplified search to quickly and easily find posts made by a specific user or find key words quicker and easier.

What are you seeing are member’s top questions/issues thus far?

Right now we are seeing a lot of email template issues that we are resolving as quickly as possible.

General tips for members navigating the revamped forum?

The new forum has a small navigation bar at the top of each forum page for the main website. These links will help you get to some of the primary sections of the website, but we wanted to keep speed and usability up on the forums, so we have removed things like listing all the galleries in the navigation and some other non-primary links. To get these, all you need to do is click on the logo at the top and that will take you back to the main site with all the primary navigation.

If you do run into a problem or an issue, please feel free to post in the website forum and we will take a look at your issue as quickly as possible.