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Miller Appointed to New Role/ New CJP Partners

by Andrew Broom

CJP2016-Andrew Broom-LinkedIn-0916As CJP continues to grow our membership to record levels, partnerships (highlighted below) and overall activities, we need more hands on deck. I am pleased to announce the recent hiring of David Miller as a consultant in the position of Director of Programs and Safety Education.

IMG_0006David has owned multiple Citations, held various volunteer CJP board positions including Chairman, was the first Chairman of the CJP Safety and Education Foundation, and will now help fulfill the mission on a full-time basis. He is a welcome addition to the team and is excited to elevate the CJP programs and safety activities. You can read additional details in the “Five Minutes” article in this newsletter. Please welcome David to the team!

Six New Partners

CJP has reached another record number of partners offering products and services to Citation owners. Below are details on our newest silver partner, Stevens Aerospace, as well as five new patron partners: LOFT, Delta Fox Aviation, Yingling Aviation, Aviation Performance Solutions and Advocate Consulting.

Please make sure to visit our valued partners’ websites to learn more about their offerings. A list of all CJP partners can be found here:


Stevens Aerospace

Started in 1950, Stevens Aerospace (formerly known as Stevens Aviation) is celebrating 70 years in business this year. It has been maintaining, modifying and refurbishing Citations for both the civilian and government markets for decades. Stevens is also fully Williams TAP authorized on CJ through CJ4 at their Greenville SC (KGYH) and Dayton OH (KDAY) locations. Stevens also runs a large fleet of AOG/Mobile Maintenance trucks running service 24/7/365 in the U.S. and abroad – and available at 1-855-359-5496.

The Stevens Aerospace team looks forward to meeting you all at the CJP Convention later this year in Nashville, as well as interacting with you throughout the year as we do with many CJ pilots and aircraft. For more information, or to discuss service and upgrade options on your aircraft, contact Phil Stearns, director of sales and marketing, at or 937-470-1851. Or you can contact any one of our Citation specialists at

For more information, visit



Our mission to provide beneficial and convenient training options for aviators extends beyond hiring experienced instructors and providing state-of-the-art training technology. LOFT’s thoughtfully designed facility is meant to make you feel at home throughout the day, and our close proximity to San Diego’s beautiful beaches, top-rated restaurants and countless hotels give you plenty of options to make your trip enjoyable. Furthermore, our client concierge Corie is here to help you select the perfect hotel and make any recommendations for what to do in your downtime.

Courses Overview: It is our mission to partner with our clients to provide high-quality personalized training services within a small group environment taught by real-world professionals and aviation enthusiasts in a comfortable, friendly and relaxed setting. All of our courses are taught with a proprietary curriculum and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring the best training experience for pilots seeking initial type ratings, ATP certificates, SIC training or insurance-approved recurrent training. We offer a variety of comprehensive Citation training programs designed to meet the needs of beginner, advanced and career-oriented turbine pilots. The courses can be taught completely in the simulator, in the aircraft, or as a hybrid of both.

Additional Courses: Beyond our core offerings listed above, we also offer High Altitude Endorsements, RVSM and Pinch Hitter Training.

CE525(S) or CE500 Initial Type Rating: Our CE-525 and CE500 type rating courses were built directly from our experiences working with thousands of aviators over the last decade and a half. Each training session is designed to teach you the fundamentals you will need in the air, as well as adapt to your personal strengths and weaknesses as a pilot. We feel that in taking this approach to training beyond just passing your checkride, you will feel safe and competent leaving our facility. Unlike the 14-day courses at most training providers, our accelerated CE-525(S) initial type rating course is completed over 10 days at our beautiful facility in southern California. Six days of ground school with our seasoned instructors, 10 hours of dual instruction in our CJ1 Simulator, and a two-hour checkride with an in-house check airman. (Multi-pilot and multi-event discounts available).

CE525(S) or CE500 Recurrent: Our CE525(S) and CE500 recurrent courses (or 61.58) are built on many of the same principles as our initial course. We want to make sure you leave our facility feeling comfortable operating your aircraft over the next year. The course is taught over a three day period. Two days (or 16 hours) of ground school with our top-notch instructors, two hours of dual instruction in our CJ1 simulator, and a two-hour checkride with an in-house Check Airman. Multi-pilot and multi-event discounts available.

Citation Differences Training: Each differences course will help you understand the performance and limitation differences between the various models of CE500 and 525 series aircraft. Our Differences courses are taught over a few hours of additional ground school and include work with our Touch Flight Cockpit Procedural trainer. We offer the following differences courses: CJ, CJ1+, CJ2, CJ2+, M2, CJ3, CJ3+, CJ4, Citation 2, Bravo, and Encore.

About Our Team: We are often asked what makes LOFT better than other citation training providers. Our answer is always the same: our instructors. We capitalize on your experience by employing seasoned veteran pilots who are current and qualified in the airplanes in which they teach. Their broad backgrounds include private, military, airline and charter operations with tens of thousands of hours of experience flying everything from fighter jets to commercial airliners and Citation Jets to Gulfstreams. From the moment you call us until you pass your checkride, you are working with experienced aviators and instructors here in Carlsbad to guide you through the entire training process.

For more information, visit

LOFT Aviation Podcast: LOFT is the host of the LOFT Aviation Podcast, as well as a Part 142 CJ and Citation training facility. On the podcast, they aim to have completely unscripted conversations with aviation professionals across the industry. Having already had discussions with professional pilots, engineers, hobbyists, technicians, and more, LOFT aims to produce high quality, entertaining, and informative long-form aviation content. One of their more recent episodes we think is worth a listen features, Mr. Nick Guida, from Tamarack Aerospace. The podcast is available everywhere you listen to podcasts:

Delta Fox Aviation

DeltaFox is the Mid-Atlantic Region’s premier Citation Service Center. We support the full Citation line offering heavy maintenance (phase/document inspections), avionics and flight-deck upgrades, mobile RVSM recertification and avionics troubleshooting, battery overhaul services, AOG support, and much more. We are an authorized dealer and installation center for major avionics brands, including Garmin, Collins, Avidyne, Genesys, Mid-Continent and more. DeltaFox was the featured cover story in the October 2018 issue of Avionics News magazine (

We stand ready to support Citation owners with our fully-equipped 27,500 square-foot facility and factory-trained maintenance and avionics technicians. Please contact us for a free quotation on your next maintenance or avionics need. When in for same-day or overnight service, enjoy our pilot lounge, snooze room, showers, business conference room and a wide array of nearby restaurants and hotels. Our Class D airport is the D.C. Region’s largest reliever airport and offers quick, convenient access to downtown Washington D.C. by car or rail.

Contact: (704) 438-8450 /

Based at the Manassas Regional Airport (HEF), DeltaFox is an FAA Certificated Part 145 Repair Station with airframe, powerplant, radio, and instrument ratings offering full airframe and engine maintenance, avionics installation, upgrade, and support services on 500, 501, 510, 525, 550, 560, 650, 680, and 750 series Citation aircraft.

For more information, visit

Yingling Aviation

Yingling Aviation is a full-service Textron affiliate MRO and FBO based at KICT Wichita, KS (Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport) at taxiway intersection A6. Established in 1946 and still privately owned with nine service hangars, including a new dedicated jet and turboprop service hangar constructed in 2019 and paint and interior completions hangars renovated in 2019/2020. We are a one-stop service facility (service, avionics, paint and interior completions, parts sales, prop shop, aircraft sales) and provide comprehensive service on all Citation models from the 680+ Sovereign to the legacy 500 Series as well as all Textron turboprop (King Air, Caravan, Conquest) models. Notable avionics equipment authorizations include Garmin “Integrated Flight Deck Dealer,” Collins Aerospace, Honeywell Aerospace and BendixKing, Avidyne and others.

Yingling is the home of the “OASIS” interior. Our service department technicians are Textron and FlightSafety International trained, highly qualified and experienced. Our departments operate on two shifts. Yingling is an FAA and EASA Approved Repair Station. We pride ourselves on superior customer service, on-time and squawk-free deliveries and competitive and accurate pricing. The Yingling FBO operates 7/24/365 with modern facilities that include a very comfortable crew and passenger waiting area, crew lounge, and the only Subway restaurant in an FBO anywhere in the world.

We are a Phillips 66 Aviation fuel dealer and offer CAA and contract fuel programs. Yingling is becoming well recognized as the new go-to facility for all Citation maintenance. Centrally located in the U.S. with unique advantages over our competitors. NOTE: NO SALES TAX on parts or labor on aircraft service in Kansas.

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Aviation Performance Solutions (APS)

We Help Pilots Bring Everyone Home Safely.

APS Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) programs designed specifically for Citation pilots develop the critical knowledge and often counter-intuitive skill sets needed to reliably and effectively overcome Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I), aviation’s top fatal accident category. In addition to increased awareness to recognize, prevent, and, if necessary, recover from an airplane upset event, APS UPRT augments both manual flight operations proficiency and aeronautical decision making. Integrated UPRT programs offer:

  • UPRT designed specifically for Citation pilots, which supports their progression in the CJP Gold Standard Safety Award program.
  • Both single pilot and crew programs.
  • Integrated training platforms including on-aircraft jet UPRT.

APS has worked for over three decades with the world’s most foremost experts and regulatory agencies to develop training that meets the highest standards of safety and successful LOC-I risk mitigation.

Our commitment to safety, excellence, and customer satisfaction has earned APS the trust of over 90,000 pilots trained including individual pilots, corporations large and small, military and government agencies, global airlines and major US air carriers. UPRT is our passion, and we look forward to flying with you!

For more information, visit

Advocate Consulting

Advocate Consulting Legal Group is a boutique firm consisting of a team of 25-plus tax and legal professionals, with offices in Tampa and Naples, Florida. Their primary focus is to provide turnkey Aviation TLC, or assistance with Aviation Tax, Legal, and Compliance matters. These services are designed to maximize income tax savings, minimize sales and use tax costs, control property tax, avoid federal excise tax, and provide audit defense, all within the mandates of the Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

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