Stronger Connections for Stronger Service

Kriyaby Kriya Shortt, Senior Vice President of Customer Service, Textron Aviation

With 2019 underway, many of you are taking a closer look at your service needs for the year, ensuring you get a solid head start on long-term maintenance planning. Whether your Citation will require scheduled maintenance, or you’re exploring aftermarket upgrades – perhaps even an aircraft change – looking ahead benefits your mission and your aircraft.

At Textron Aviation, we recognize excellent technical service is vital to your success as a Citation owner, and I want to take the opportunity to highlight service enhancements launched throughout 2018. These resources and improvements were designed to meet your needs as Citation operators. As we forge ahead, we’ll continue developing and investing in new solutions that add even more convenience, value and time savings to your ownership experience.

Offering these resources begins with strengthened and more frequent communication with you. Providing timely and accurate information on everything from parts availability to downtime remains the centerpiece of our pursuit of excellent service, and I’m eager to work alongside you as we bring our newest enhancements to life.

More Support Where You Need It

Knowing that you’re never far from factory-direct expertise and support brings an added level of confidence to everything from maintenance planning to vacation travel. It’s why growing Mobile Service Unit (MSU) coverage to provide more support where you need it remains an integral part of our customer service efforts.

In 2018, Mobile Service Unit coverage was expanded throughout the U.S. and abroad, with the formal addition of a new team in Calgary, Canada and a line maintenance station in London, England. Be on the lookout for expanded coverage in other cities, including:

  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Miami, Florida
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Bedford, Pennsylvania
  • Lubbock, Texas

To view the full list of MSU teams and service centers around the globe, visit the Textron Aviation Service Locator.

Expanded ProParts Coverage

While MSUs expand our reach in supporting you, another way we are expanding to better serve you comes in the form of additional program coverage. Specifically, the scope of the general exclusion for life-limited parts. Your ProAdvantage team works diligently to provide coverage on a majority of parts while still providing the lowest hourly rates possible. However, in customer discussions over the past year, it has become apparent that certain life limit exclusions remained a pain point. After careful review of the situation, we have decided that beginning with contracts initiated in 2019, precooler coverage for replacement due to reaching the life limit will be included through ProParts coverage.

Billing Improvements and Simplified Program Management

A major goal for the customer service team remains simplifying program management to ensure you’re keeping track of your ProAdvantage account on your terms.

Today, all your billing information is available in one convenient location – the Customer Portal – and you now have direct access to your parts orders, warranty and web claims, as well as service billing. It’s a significant step in our continued efforts to provide greater efficiency and convenience to the invoicing and billing process.

With the enhancements to ProAdvantage account management, you receive a full report of what’s been paid in and claimed under your account, making it easier to reconcile your ProAdvantage account against invoices.

In 2018, Textron Aviation also launched a series of new online billing functions, now available to CJP members. The improvements allow you to store your billing and warranty claim information in the Customer Portal and provides instant access to invoices, parts orders and more.

As a reminder, your e-Billing account will be available until March 7, 2019. At this point, all accounts will migrate to the Customer Portal. To learn more, visit the e-Billing information page.

Hassle-free Aircraft Management

We understand managing and growing your business remains a top priority, and seeking out the backing of a DOM out the regular services of a director of maintenance is often time-consuming and challenging.

Textron Aviation’s ProMaintenance takes an all-in-one approach to aircraft management and pairs it with factory-direct support. The program provides you with a dedicated DOM who serves as a single point of contact for everything related to the operation of your Citation. ProMaintenance utilizes the same processes for managed aircraft to oversee airworthiness compliance, maintenance scheduling and the logistics of an unscheduled maintenance event for owner-operators.

And when you require assistance in the air, ProOwnership provides a ferry or mentor pilot to transfer aircraft to your desired location. The ProOwnership team also provides additional assistance for operators navigating into unfamiliar or mountainous airports. To learn how you can take advantage of each ProOwnership resource, contact

Thank You for Being a Part of the Family

Citation operators are recognized in the industry as one of the most loyal and active owner-operator groups. As a thank you for continuously selecting our service centers and technical resources, we launched a new customer rewards program in 2018. Customer rewards allow you to earn one point for every $1 spent on purchases of parts, technical publications, service center maintenance and program hourly fees.


On your anniversary date, redeem your points for a special gift. As a CJP member, you receive 10,000 points upon signing up. I encourage you to visit the Customer Portal to learn more.

In closing, we look forward to what’s to come in 2019 – for you, and for our organization. We recognize your Citation is an asset and upholding its integrity and value remains our core mission at Textron Aviation. I look forward to celebrating a year’s worth of successes, milestones and growth with you.

Thank you for being a part of the Textron Aviation family.