Chairman’s Update

Carrying the Momentum

by Marc Dulude

CJP2016-Marc Dulude-HeadshotHappy New Year, CJP.

What an incredible year it has been for this organization. I am thrilled to step into this role and continue the great efforts led by Kirk, the Board and CJP’s committees in 2018.

CJP has never been better positioned than it is today. Partners, membership and member benefits are at an all-time high – and continuing to grow (see Andrew’s “CEO Message” for our newest partners). We are also highly respected for our advocacy efforts, have a fantastic relationship with Textron and a wide range of partners, and our safety initiatives have quickly become world-class and industry-recognized.

A prime example is the recent safety work released at the convention. This effort took the aviation world by surprise with its utility and comprehensiveness in its first release. Hopefully, other pilots and organizations take our materials and modify them for their own needs so that we can have played a key role in making aviation a safer pursuit.

My Background

I, of course, know many of you from my involvement over the last few years, but allow me to briefly share what Citation ownership means to me.

Like many pilots, I started flying in a Cessna 172 and progressed through successive aircraft, each being more capable than the last. At each step, I found that I was able to do more and more using my own means to allow myself to set my own schedule. When I moved into Citations, that growth curve took a remarkable step up and I was able to plan and fly myself almost anywhere at almost any time. There was a period in my life when I felt that I would simply not be able to lead my life without my Citation.

As I’ve shed some Board responsibilities to be able to commit myself to the large number of hours required for CJP, that dependency has been reduced but is still just below the surface. For me to be able to do all the things I want to do, I need to be able to fly myself quickly to almost anywhere – my Citation makes that possible.

I am certain many of you share a similar sentiment, and I look forward to playing a role in enhancing Citation ownership even further.

2019 Goals

The progress made with CJP, its members, and its partners in just the last three years is nothing short of remarkable. That means that we need to keep that growth curve pointed on the same trajectory. High priority items this year include:

  • More member benefits (stay tuned);
  • Additional safety programs and materials (to ensure our members always have access to the very best information);
  • Added opportunities for members to gather and share experiences and socialize (our current events are almost universally praised by our members).

Last week, we already began addressing the above initiatives during our first Board meeting of the year. More announcements to come, but as you will see, we will continue investing in our member benefits through innovative events, education, tools and resources. Speaking of events, be sure to save the dates for our Mackinac Island Regional Event (June 21-24) and the CJP Convention in Colorado Springs (September 4-8).

Recall that the CJP Vision is, “CJP will be with every member on every flight to provide value and service of such importance that no Citation owner, anywhere in the world, would think of leaving the ground without us.” That’s exactly what I strive to have the organization continue realizing.