by CJP Executive Director Jon “Huggy” Huggins

OK, as you probably gathered from the headline, this story has quite a few moving parts…

Marc Dulude bought Pete Zeliff’s Mustang (S/N 510-0308) in Q4-2013 with Pete’s special tail number, N56PZ. At the time, Pete was thinking he was going to take that N-number with him to put onto his new M2 (525-0820), which he received in the first quarter of 2014.

Photo by Pete Zeliff, Sr. Used with permission.

Photo by Pete Zeliff, Sr. Used with permission.

However, David Lee of jetAVIVA noticed that N525PZ was available, so David quickly reserved it and offered it to Pete. Pete liked the new N-number… so he left N56PZ on the Mustang he was selling to Marc Dulude, and had the M2 registered using N525PZ. (Keeping N56PZ on the Mustang helped save Marc some time on the bureaucratic RVSM certification process, too.)

In Q3 2015, Pete went on to buy and take delivery of a CJ4, and reserved tail number N326PZ for his new ride. However, Pete was still partial to N525PZ and wanted to make that his permanent tail number on the CJ4. For that reason, he reserved N625PZ to eventually put onto the M2 when he sold it, and it would only require changing 1one digit when he did.

In Q4 2015, Marc was looking to move out of the Mustang just as Pete offered up his M2 for sale. You guessed it: Marc decided to buy a second airplane from Pete (again, through jetAVIVA) and sold his Mustang.

So, in the space of a few days, Mustang N56PZ went to a new owner (who is now a CJP Member); M2 N525PZ became M2 N625PZ, and went to Marc Dulude; and Pete’s CJ4 N326PZ became N525PZ.

I’m exhausted just thinking about this. Anyways, it worked! And everyone involved has a smile on their face at FL400 and above!

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