By CJP Chairman David Miller

CJP2015-Convention-David-Miller-headshot-0915Happy New Year! As my first official act, I have authorized the recruitment of over 500 highly intelligent, articulate, and motivated individuals to become roving ambassadors of Citation Jet Pilots.

One of them is you.

CJP members understand the financial value of our organization. Whether it’s Cessna’s gift certificates, training discounts, impressive insurance rebates, or substantial savings from our CJP FuelAdvantage Program, we have a lot to offer.

It’s a no brainer.

Less tangible, but just as important, is the incredible educational component of our meetings, the Russ Meyer Citation Library, and making new friends along the way. Yet, most often when I mention CJP to a Citation pilot on the ramp, the common response is, “What’s CJP?”

You are the best ambassador for our organization. You get it. If each of us takes just 1 minute to share our support and enthusiasm for CJP with a fellow Citation pilot, we will substantially grow our base.

Call it the “CJP preflight.”

Walk up to the prospect. Shake their hand. Tell them about CJP. Tell them what CJP means to you.

The original founders of CJP poured money and effort into starting this very cool group of special people. It’s our turn to take it to the next level.

We need your help.