By Yann Bosch

In 2013, Yann was the recipient of the inaugural Bob Hoover Presidential Scholarship, presented by CJP the Bob Hoover Legacy Foundation – Ed.

Scholarship recipient Yann Bosch

Scholarship recipient Yann Bosch

What a year 2014 has been! Had someone told me this time last year that in the next 12 months I would meet Bob Hoover and Harrison Ford, travel to Turks and Caicos, Los Angeles, Oshkosh, and West Virginia, all while being surrounded by people as passionate about aviation as myself, I would have had trouble believing them.

This only begins to describe the incredible opportunities offered to me as the inaugural recipient of the CJP Bob Hoover Presidential Scholarship. I applied for this scholarship during the end of my junior year at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida, and one year later, as a recent graduate, I am able to look back and see what a profound impact this scholarship has had.

It all began in January of last year, when I was selected as the recipient of the scholarship. I had little idea of what to expect, but the more time I spent with CJP members of, the more I realized how lucky I was. In February, I traveled to Los Angeles for A Tribute to Bob Hoover, where I was able to meet Mr. Hoover and thank him for his dedication to aviation and for encouraging students like myself to follow our dreams.

One month later, I flew on a Citation M2 with CJP Director Tracy Forrest to the regional event in Turks and Caicos. This was an opportunity to meet with CJP members and learn what the organization meant to them and how it aided them in operating their aircraft. I found that many members were excited about helping aviation students through scholarships and mentoring. I immediately felt welcome by everyone I met.

Being a part of CJP allowed me to realize the vast opportunities in aviation, and I became much more interested in corporate aviation. Over the summer, I completed two separate internships, one with Procter and Gamble and the other with United Technologies. I saw many similarities between the ways CJP members use their aircraft to help in their business and the way these Fortune 500 companies did the same.

Every time I spoke with a CJP member and told them my story, they would ask what my plans were upon graduation in December, always showing a genuine interest and a desire to help. At the annual convention in August at the Greenbrier, I met with management from Textron Aviation who expressed similar interest in my plans after graduation. Throughout the year I continued to stay in contact with the CJP connections I made as I searched for jobs after graduation.

In November, I was flown out to Wichita to interview for a sales position with Textron’s piston aircraft division. The following week, I flew out to Chicago to interview with United Airlines for a position as a Flight Operations Intern. A few days later, I traveled to Palm Beach and met with CJP member Thierry Pouille whom I had met at various CJP events regarding a prospective position at his company, Air Journey.

The opportunities began to unfold in the weeks before graduation, and many of them were thanks to contacts I had made through CJP. Other opportunities that I had cultivated on my own became more achievable thanks to my selection as the CJP scholar and the reputation that came with it. In the end I decided to accept a position with United Airlines as an intern in the Denver pilot training center.

As I reflect on what a whirlwind 2014 has been I can never be thankful enough to CJP for the host of opportunities provided to me through the scholarship program. I can only hope that upcoming Embry-Riddle will be as fortunate as I have been. CJP and 2014 have been very good to me indeed!